Monkey business’ in a Political zoo
On the ‘Right’ we have the baboons
The ‘Lefties’ are the chimpanzees

Catching flees in other trees

And when the elephants trumpets
The whole world jumps!
The media ‘hyena’s’ react
We read their truths as facts

It is sad, it is like watching a cartoon
We walk around like numbness gnu’s
On the other hand
Like ‘ostriches’ many bury their heads in the sand

While in front of us we watch a great show
How the old establishment will get the last blow

Politics does look like a zoo. And although in my heart I absolutely am for a democracy and I believe many people in their hearts are socialists we have gone astray in the land of politics.
President Trump is the elephant in the room and many people may disagree (it is everyone’s right) but I believe that  he is here to clean up the corruption together with many, many patriots!!!
I also believe every single being deserves to live in  peace, safety and in abundance on our beautiful planet and in these times we need to take out the ‘weed’ (Human (child)trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering and all the corruption that has been taking place for such a long time. It takes time to legally fix an illegal system.
Also in the Netherlands there has been a significant change in our Government. And although I don’t agree with many things of the Forum for Democracy, I believe many people are waking up and asking for change, one way or the other! This is not good for the EU! 3-21-19… “Europe stares into abyss after populist Trump forces throw Socialist Dutch Government from power” (or, “Trump derangement syndrome may be ‘peaking out”’)
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#Q #Anon 3-10-19… Four Q posts from earlier today that “struck the bell” (yes, “bells” are ringing!)
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Isreals’s largest banks pay over $1 Billion in fines for US tax evasion schemes
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Jim Rickards exposes the myth of MMT (Modern Money Theory)

New uplifting series! Remember the legendary Russian song flashmob that started in Ukraine?
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It’s not ‘anti-semitic’ to question the influence of AIPAC in American Politics

Health News:
The sugar conspiracy – papers expose industry plot to frame fat for heart disease
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4 Children & 2 teachers diagnosed with cancer: Parents blame the cell tower on campus
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Different News:
extraterrestrial contacted explains the ’testing’ she experienced & what the beings looked like
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Other News:
Supermoon in Libra relationship adjusts
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