In Summer we experience a warm breeze
In Winter it feels like a cold sneeze
When the wind comes out to play
I am sometimes just blown away!
I like it when the wind unwinds
Everything that is  on my mind
I just love the sensation
The feeling of a total liberation

Mainstream Belgian reporter blows the lid on MSM lies over Ghouta, Syria “Chemical attacks”
Activist Post

First lawsuit filed seeking to make Mueller public; Congress to see conclusion this weekend

Google influenced midterm elections, May have cost Republicans seats: Study

iPOT Video 3-23-19… “QAnon/News – Blockade removed” (covers #Q #Anon posts 3161-3166)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Crimea’s reunification with Russia – A Landmark event

Ex-model who attempted to reveal Berlusconi’s satanic practices dies from painful radioactive poisoning
Collective Evolution

Watergate – The first Deep State Coup

Day drinking & sexual harassment “are thriving” at 330-year-old Lloyds of London

Spectacular violence as a weapon of war against the Yellow Vests

Two short posts from Ben Fulford: How wild will it get? And how do we win?

Goodbye free internet, Government is already here
Covert Geopolitics

Uri Geller vows to stop Brexit telepathically: “My power is validated by the CIA”

Health News:
Bayer launches new pesticide more deadly than Roundup
Natural News

Not-so-superfood? Pesticide residue found in 70% of US produce & 92% of Kale

Scientists from around the world call for immediate halt to gene-editing of humans

Other News:
“Existence of Extraterrestrial Space Vehicles of enormous size & power is a fact” – Ex NASA scientist

Other News:
Kp Message 3-23-19
Kauilapele’s Blog

“[Prophet] Kim Clement (now passed away) say the ‘Letter Q”’ 3-22-19, via @Melis_Strategic
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