Media Outlets opened the floodgates
About their news on Russiagate
To upgrade their selling rates
They initiated and accelerated
Division and hate in the United States
They made a big mistake
Moves failed, Their King fell: Checkmate

The Report came to the conclusion
There was No intrusion
No collusion
It was no more than an illusion…

Now they need to defend
‘The beginning of their end’  
Was there ever an end or a beginning?
They always thought they would win
But now the walls are closing in…
Maybe it is time for an investigation
In the famous Clinton Foundation

American Pravda: CNN producer says Russia narrative “bullsh*t”
Project Veritas
FED Bombshell: Fusion GPS bribed dozens of MSM journalists with cash, while News Companies paid firm to dig dirt on Trump
The Illusory Truth effect: How millions were duped by Russiagate
Waking Times
Pat Buchanan blasts Russiagate’s “bright, shining lie”

I do believe there is dirt on the President and on every single person in every government around the world, but that is NOT what Russiagate was all about!!!

Red Flag: An indicator that has predicted every recession in the last 50 years just got triggered

Home Office ‘secretly channelled 30,000 pounds to a group campaigning to legalize paedophiles in the late 1970s’, former civil servant tells Westminster child abuse inquiry

Is NATO going South
(This article is a link in the above article)The ten most lethal interventions in Latin America

EU Parliament signs off on disastrous internet law: What happens next?

Trump’s Golan gift to Israel condemned by international community [Video]

Dr. Dave Janda 3-26-19… “President Trump, Mueller Report & The Deep State hammer time”
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Where we go 1 we go all Video 3-26-19… “The Storm has begun”
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SerialBrain2, 3-26-19… “Trump taking down the Cabal and securing our children” It’s happening”
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Bill Mitchell, YourVoice tm America, 3-26.19… “Q Special w/Praying Medic!”
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Neighbors report Child Trafficking and find Gov’t contractors holding kids in ‘Black Site’ prison
As Amazon bans Vaccine Documentary Child sex dolls openly sold on their website

Protest leads to removal of cell mast from school

Obama aide pressured Smollett prosecutor before case was dropped

‘Porn lawyer’ Avenatti arrested, charged with plot to extort $20 million from Nike

Perfectly smooth shell of a craft” – A look inside the real Secret Space Program
Collective Evolution

Kenyan Science teacher Peter Tabichi wins Global Prize

Health News:
Sugar papers expose Industry plot to frame fat for Heart disease
Openhearted Rebellion

If truth be told about Cowpox & Smallpox diseases Scientific differences that caused a Pharmaceutical fairytale

CDC’s recommendation for Hepatitis B Vaccination in infants. Are more risks than benefits?
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6 Reasons why people are choosing CBD over NSAIDs
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Iowa town bans fluoride and ends program as chemical’s danger becomes apparent
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Different News:
Multiple UFOs and a crop circle appear in Venezuela during electrical blackout

Other News:
Let there be light:
World Metamorphosis

Invocations for Cyclone Idai and other horrendous situations
Sending love to Malawi Mozambique and Zimbabwe