( The ‘Deep State is sailing on their ship (Titanic)
Colluding with an Iceberg =THE TRUTH)

Once ‘They’ were well equipped
Safely ‘sailing’ on a very very long trip
Passengers involved in special relationships
But then an iceberg they did hit

The water started to drip
First it came to their hips
But now it reaches their lips
They need to abandon ship 
And while the boat tips
The veil will lift
Exposing an awful lot of sh*t

German Coast guard trainee (I wonder what they are thinking about?)

For a very long time The Deep State ‘sailed their ship’ (Governments, agencies, Institutions, Media, Pharma, War Industry etc. etc.) ‘The passengers’ are all related to one another and they felt safe and protected on this well equipped ‘Titanic’, because these people owned everything in the World. But now, unfortunately for them, their Titanic starts to collide with The Truth and their ship is capsizing!!!
Be aware that there is so much sh*t coming out, it may sound unbelievable but it is true!
(This is just an example what monster we are dealing with)
The making of a monster: We’re all lab rats in Government’s secret experiments
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Is there hope for Ukrainians, at last?

Breaking: Ukrainian Security Boss admits Ukraine shot down MH-17, planned ethnic genocide in Donbass
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Bomb! Ukraine SBU Operative defects to Russia, spills all re. CIA terror training, Zakharchenko assassination & MH17
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FBI investigating sudden dismissal of Smollett hate-crime hoax

It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD

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