You’re a sucker if you don’t believe the system is rigged

CIA-linked Nellie Ohr gave extensive anti-trump research to high-ranking DOJ husband: Transcripts

The Vatican’s all-woman magazine was censored from reporting on priests raping nuns. The entire staff of the magazine just quit in protest

A partial list of sinister things “The Russians” have been accused of doing

The EU bows to “Systemic Rival” China

Mueller report aftermath: Devin Nunes discusses criminal referrals with Maria Bartiromo… [Video]

#Qanon” by DJ Jefani, 3-29-19 (I liked this video)
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X22Report 3-28-19… “Marker [1], Marker [2] set, [CLAS 1-99], Patriots on the offensive” (video mentioned in the last Kp message)
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190328 Kp Message … “The Portal of ‘attraction”’ HI DEF #Q #Anon
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Joe Biden: ‘No man has a right to lay a hand on a woman

Greenland glacier is growing again due to cooling temperatures – But it’s only temporary’ experts warn

Urgent! Don’t miss! Election frontrunner Zelensky shoots Parliament & predicts split of Ukraine on 28 parts!
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“Frankenfoods”: US FDA lifts ban on GMO “Frankensalmon”
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Health News:
Warning: Don’t swallow the toothpaste… Even though it tastes like candy
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Disease outbreaks among fully vaccinated students show insanity behind mandatory vaccination laws

Bestselling author’s ‘anti-vac’ post goes viral: “I do not consent”
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Charlie Sheen used “PRO 140” drug to cure HIV

After the largest beach clean up in history baby turtles returned to the beaches of Mumbai

Different News:
Scientists capture bacteria that eats pollution and breathes electricity

Graham Hancock – America before the key to Earth’s lost civilization – Part 1/2 London Real [Video]

Declassified documents reveal shocking government projects, including research on warp drives and high-energy laser weapons
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Other News:
What I was presented with yesterday (3-27-19), post – Hapuna…
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Kp Message 3-18-19… “Numbers seen today” (So what’s going on with these??)
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What is sound healing?
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