Now I am not telling you a tale
Those in Power use Blackmail
It is how they create an invisible jail
Blackmailing  you with a trail
No matter male or female

And when you fail?
Your life is for sale
In your coffin they put their last nail

People often say if ‘a conspiracy’ would be true, many people would be talking about this subject. Because they haven’t heard anyone talk about it, it can’t be true.
But be assured those in power use blackmail, ‘they’ always know where to find you! They know where you kids go to school, where you wife works, where you parents live etc. etc. It means that once you are under their spell, there is no way of getting out of this precarious situation, unless you are willing to risk your life or the lives of your beloved family.
And when they haven’t got anything on you, don’t worry they will create a situation that will be embarrassing for you!

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