In a ‘Moment’ my world can change
Letting go of ‘chains and restrains’
In a ‘Second’ I can make a decision
To create a new life condition

In a ‘Minute’ I can decide to live intense
And try to make a difference
It is why ‘Now’  I feel great
I no longer wait: Every day I celebrate!

RussiaGate:”Why did this ever start in the first place?”

Forget RussiaGate: America’s anxieties are about to go biblical

ECB inflationists are crippling Europe

Banksters hate the free market
waking Times

US Federal gov. exists today in name only [Video]

Ukraine President Poroshenko income suddenly rose 10,000% due to mysterious Rothschild fund

Science pioneer: 99% of modern Scientific papers are nothing more than politically-motivated pseudoscience

The Illuminati letters to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams

These are the six countries with the world’s largest gold reserves

‘Janet’ Airlines The secretive flights that ferry Area 51 personnel to and from work

95% of plastic in the oceans comes from Third World countries

Different News:
The Truth about Atlantis

Other News:
Lee Harris – #EnergyUpdate: Unexpected events, create energy on a high & The past meeting the future [Video]

Aries New Moon April 5th 2019 – The Dynamic tension between shifting paradigms [Video]

Welcome to Brenda’s Blog
Welcome to Brenda’s Blog