At first my lawn was green
A wonderful scene
But then those little daisies
Came and made me crazy

But actually they are stunning
Sweet and funny

Those little white heads
I love to collect

I made a daisy chain
In the form of a heart frame

Forget ‘creepy’ – Biden has a major Ukraine problem

European Union:  Renaissance or storm und drang

Unable to wait two weeks, Democrats plan nationwide tantrum if Mueller Report not released tonight

How a “No deal’ Brexit could lead to the “Lehmanization” of Europe

Brussels becomes first major city to halt 5G due to health effects
Collective Evolution

Leaving Neverland director admits Michel Jackson accusations are ‘WRONG’
Leaving Neverland director make ‘u-turn’ on Michael Jackson claims

SerialBrian2, 4-1-19… “COVFEFE: Trump defeated the demonic Fake News in 666 days, 6 hours and 6 minutes”
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Headlines and Updates for April 2, 2019: The invisible civil war in America [Video]
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How Al Gore built the Global Warning fraud
Al Gore’s Carbon footprint hypocrisy

Two college students crack the code

Former football coach ‘sexually assaulted youth player hundreds of times’

Scientists will spray particles into the sky to black the sun in 2019

Are they hiding it?.. Discoveries that could rewrite history! (2019-2020)

Health News:
Grammy-nominee, making documentary on ‘cure for cancer and AIDS’, murdered in broad daylight

Diapers and menstrual pads laced with toxic chemicals

Different News:
Coffin with two mummies reportedly unearthed in Ancient cemetery in Egypt

Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Other News:
April is high voltage creation with vibrant new colors
The Shift of Time and

Kp Message 4-2-19… “Many items going on at once” (but the whales were out!)
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April 2019 Astrology & numerology forecast – Truth revealed [Video]