Skilled Army remote viewer reveals details about the ET presence on Earth
Collective Evolution

The CIA takeover of America in the 1960s is the story of our times – The killing of the Kennedys and today’s News Cold War

Julian Assange used computer skills to help police take down pedophile ring

Hillary Clinton shows signature style as she chuckles over Assange’s arrest
Hillary Clinton gloats over Assange’s arrest in London – Twitter hits back
Assange arrest is ‘slippery slope’ for journalists & Americans says Tulsi Gabbard

How Ecuador’s Globalist Regime received billions to sell out Julian Assange

Health News:
NYC parents holding ‘measles parties’ to ‘immunize’ kids instead of getting vaccinated

French Court rules Monsanto liable for farmer’s Health problems
Waking Times

Big Pharma & Insurance gave $43M to 129 House Democrats not backing Medicare for all

Nolte: Scientists prove man-made global warming is a hoax

Different News:
Uncharted X: Proof of Ancient high technology at the Serapeum of Saqqara Egypt, Parts 1 and 2 [Video]

The weakening of Earth’s magnetic field has greatly accelerated

Other News:
Cosmic Waves… Kp notes of 4-12-19

Edge of Wonder 4-12-19… Two videos live streamed in Hawaii (One from the Dolphin boat!)
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