Can you feel the change

Feeling out of ‘range’
Holding on to all you learned
In your own created world
You need to retreat

When a storm sweeps you of your feet
And when it comes your way
Don’t fight it, take it day by day
Let it lead you to untouched territories
To create new stories
Your life enters another phase
Be amazed and enjoy this new space

Wikileaks Document exposes a “Secret US Base on the Moon”
Collective Evolution

And We Know Video 4-15-19… “SerialBrain2: The “Oranges” of the Russian hoax: Yes, Obama spied on Trump”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Fore engulfs 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Stunning images show France’s Historic Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames

Everything on Bellingcat and the official inquiry into the destruction of Flight MH17

New York DA knew Epstein was “Dangerous Pedophile” while arguing for extreme leniency

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton involved with child trafficking?
Clinton family implicated in College Admissions scandal two decades ago

State Department Veteran: Iraq wrecked me for nothing

Robert De Niro: Mueller will put Trump “Away for a LONG time”

I finally agree with Cher” Trump exposes liberal elite’ virtue-signaling hypocrisy

GOP fears Mueller’s collusion bias lives on in final report

Germany charges former Volkswagen CEO with serious fraud over ‘Dieselgate’

Obama border Chief: Worst Immigration crisis in ‘History of the Country’
Breibart News

Former Pope Benedict blames Priest’s abuse on sexual revolution of 1960s
Waking Times

Health News:
We know sunshine’s vital for giving you Vitamins D… But new research reveals why slapping on the sun scream could be bad for your heart

Update: Mother enraged as cause of baby’s death 36 hours after vaccination ruled ‘undertermined’
Collective Evolution

Congoloses Migrants monitored for ebola at border
Breibart News

Small number of mega-corporations now own all major media, as well as the monopolization of “facts”
Natural News

Omega-3s are a potent way to treat depression without resorting to dangerous prescription medications
Natural News

Different News:
Could all our scientific knowledge come tumbling down like a house of cards

The Alien harvest: Evidence of Grey origins and reasons for Human Abduction

Mysterious ICE circle appears in lake Qinghai, China [Video]

New investigation on Bosnian Pyramid showed interesting results

Other News:
GaiaPortal 4-14-19… “Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headlines of Light” assume control fo the process”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Kp Message 4-15-19… “Being the Inner Child” HI DEF (direct from WM)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Drunvalo Melchizadek – Food combinations, exercise and spirituality [Video]