What was saved, what was lost in Notre Dame Cathedral

After 7 years of deceptions about Assange, the US readies for its first media rendition
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27 Possible human graves found at Florida reform school for boys, where children were ‘locked in chains, beaten and raped’

#MeToo meets the shale boom: Anadarko whistleblower says women were treated like “Sexual playthings”

Windborne micro plastics are everywhere
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Reps Cummings, Waters, and Schiff sight secret MOUs to target Trump

Willie Nelson rescued 70 horses from a slaughterhouse and let them roam free on his ranch
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Health News:
Merck’s Julie Gerberding wins industry ‘Woman of the Year’ award for putting profits ahead of human health
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Legal challenge against forced vaccination filed in New York City
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Iowa Social worker charged for lies that led to children being taken from parents

Four historical health lies the public needs to stop spreading as fact
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Different News:
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Exopolitics – Preparing for disclosure & Solar flash events – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves

UFO “mega-structure” caught next to the moon? [Video]

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5 Simple ways to change your life with the law of attraction
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Respecting ‘The other’