I can decide
Where I want to abide
And jump on the line
Of a different time
This one I  release
When I want to live in Peace
And I no longer cry
When I fly high in the sky…

Into space
To live in grace
I change the strategy
With my own energy
Where we are meant
To create great events
No one has a gun
Because Life is just fun

Watch live: Barr and Rosenstein discuss Mueller Report
Mainstream media is hyping up the Mueller Report release as some sort of key Historical event

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” weapons
Collective Evolution

The Notre Dame fire… two short 4-17-19 videos that present evidence of a false flag
Kauilapele’s Blog

NXIVM Sex-cult prosecutors have evidence of illegal Clinton campaign contributions for “Political Influence”

Senate leaders want information on “Highly classified” FBI Memo about Clinton

Full Article Benjamin Fulford 4-15-19… “Washington D.C. suffers from political insanity as bankruptcy approaches” ( I completely agree with Kp about the Trump thing, but we shall see)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Deutsche Bank is scrambling for A ‘plan B’ to justify abandoning Commerzbank Merger talks

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters “ashamed to be an Englishman” over Assange saga

Lori Loughlin’s daughter is first student under criminal investigation in admissions scandal

Again! Are establishment Democrats plotting to sabotage Bernie?

Health News:
Glyphosate is worse than we could imagine: “It’s everywhere”

British doctors record proof of ‘consciousness after Death

Teachers warn that children as young as nine are talking about suicide in school

The price of participating in society is the sacrifice of privacy and self

Other News:
Intense full moon approaches…

The ground rules of life & existence
Waking Times