When the plane lifts me of the ground
And I fly high above the clouds

I look at their different shapes
I feel at peace and safe
Those fluffy clouds seem
Soft like ‘puffy’ white cream

I look at the bright Sun
And realize she was there when life begun
When I take a deep breath
I feel there is just a thin line between life and death
When I close my eyes and take a pause

I am aware that we are connected to A Great Source

Multiple investigations reveal secrets investigations reveal secrets about where US tax dollars are really going
Collective Evolution

An unexpected scandal threatens to cripple Amazon

Zuesse exposes the rabidly hypocritical EU

And We Know Video 4-19-19… “SerialBrian2: Trump’s pinned tweet decode: 9?11 was a satanic sacrifice and an inside job (Part1)”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Edge of Wonder 4-19-19… “Jordan Sather… How Q is kicking the Deep State in the Caballs…. [Part1[”
Kauilapele’s Blog

“The Mueller Report” 4-19-19… Highlights from three articles related to it (from WDiM, Glenn Greenwald, Dailywire)
Kauilapele’s Blog

CNN Op-ed admits “Mueller’s Report looks bad for Obama”

Soros donated over $400K to persecutor who dropped charges against Smollett

“I’ve never seen anything so half0Assad”: Ex-Biden aide slams 20202 preparations

Robert Kraft sex tape leaks

BuzzFeed corrects Trump-Cohen conspiracy article after Mueller Report rips to shreds

The Betty & Barney Hill abduction case. Richard Dolan [Video]

Extinction rebellion spokesman walks out of interview

Health News:
Your brain keeps functioning for a while after die, raising new questions about organ donation and medical “harvesting” while patients are still aware
Natural News

CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the United States and spread the disease
Natural News

Throwback to 2012: Bill Gates funds technology to destroy male sperm

Toxic mold Whistleblower fears her life: “I exposed one of the biggest frauds in America and it continues to be hidden

Speaking Truth to power-investigating the illegal U.S. Military occupation of the Hawaiian Islands [Video]

Different News:
Solar Storm alert: Earth to be bombarded by Solar Particles in a few days

Other News:
Kp Message 4-19-19… “Align with higher inner discernment and stay out of the ‘attack’ and ‘soap opera’ modes”

Libra Lunar global activations with Meg Benedicte
Meg Benedicte

Full Moon in Libra approaching changes

Mary Rodwell with Alexis Brooks- New Human- New normal- New revelations you won’t believe! [Video]