SerialBrain2… “The truth about Notre Dame may surprise you” (link only)
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Over 7,800 Boy Scout leaders accused of sexually abusing 12,254 children
Waking Times

Navy SEALs say they were warned against reporting Chief for war crimes in Iraq

FBI: Sex with children is the fastest growing illegal business in America

CNN’s 5-hour Town Hall event is another ratings catastrophe
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Biden’s advisers scrap campaign launch video at last-minute after changing date & location
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Mueller time is finally over (but not for Democrats)

Japan extends apology & restitution to victims of forced sterilization law

Trump’s attorney warns ‘criminal’ Hilary Clinton: “You’d better get a lawyer’
FBI admits Barack Obama told bare-faced lie to nation about Hilary’s emails

New high school textbook portrays Trump as mentally ill, supporters as racist

Billions in African gold being smuggled through UAE by crime syndicates: Report

Facebook’s new chief lawyer helped write the Patriot Act

Health News:
Lyme disease: The CED’s greatest coverup & what they don’t want you to know
Collective Evolution

British physicist & Royal Navy weapons expert speaks on 5G wireless radiation health hazards
Collective Evolution

For the first time, former Big Pharma CEO arrested for conspiracy for fostering opiod crisis
Waking Times

More than 2,5 million Australians no longer eat meat

That mental-health app might share your data without telling you

250+ Examples of natural remedies beating Pharmaceuticals

Other News:
The third dimension of fire
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Unexplained flashes of light and mystery booms reported in Cleveland