Every year I am amazed
When nature awakes
For Earth’s sake
It enters a new phase

Being on the brink
Of spring
Children on a swing

Colorful butterfly wings

Bird eggs break

Cows graze
Flowers show their pretty face
Enjoying a fruitcake sitting at a lake

Little voices excited
Our lives enlightened
Feeling united

Syria: Unprecedented investigation reveals US-led coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa ‘Death Trap’

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

The essence of evil: Sex with children has become big business in America

Since 2001 we have seen $32 Million per hour on war
Waking Times

Ukrainian lawmaker admits in recoding that Government Agency linked to Soros was helping Hillary Clinton in 2016 election

Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 4-25-19… “Assange expected to confirm Wikileaks source of DNC emails was Seth Rich not Russians”
Kauilapele’s Blog
2016: Julian Assange suggests murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was Wikileaks source: “We have to understand how hight the stakes are in the United States

IG Report findings are “Devastating”; Criminal referrals coming

Trump makes post-Mueller vow to release “Devastating” FISA Docs

Rod Rosenstein rips Obama administration for hiding ‘Full story’ of Russia meddling
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New bombshell Flint Documentary exposes Government crimes [Video]

American Warlord – James P. Chandler III – Exposed [Video]

NASA confirms that carbon dioxide is greening the Earth… Huge gains since 1982
NaTural News

Trump vows to keep U.S. out of U.N. arms treaty
Breibart News

Top-secret Government investigation ‘probed Health effects of UFO encounters’

Health News:
6 Easy steps to heal your thyroid naturally
Natural News

Blueberries improve communication between brain cells
Natural News

Homeschooling expert blames public education for the ADHD over diagnosis epedemic
Waking Times

New evidence shows dandelion root causes cancer cells to ‘destroy themselves’

Different News:
Aliens are already here and breeding with us, says Oxford lecturer

Nikola Tesla’s secret of intuition [Video]

Other News:
Kp Message 4-25-19… “About the energies today… Seem more ‘soothing’”

Real life immortal: The Count Saint Germain
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Its here! Participate live or remotely this weekend
Ascension with Sandra Walter

A message to Lightworkers
Caroline Oceana Ryan