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Letting go

I gaze

In the haze
Eyes full of fear

I can’t see clear

Feelings I didn’t know
Did show
They came unexpected
I felt disconnected

I did my best
To avoid my unrest
Feelings suppressed
Need to be expressed

I shouted
To let it out
I let my tears flow
To let it go

Emotions I needed to feel
Before they could heal

Gold & Basel 3: A revolution that once again no one noticed

Declassified documents reveal that the CIA used “weird” and “unusual” methods to experimentally induce amnesia in human guinea pigs
Natural News

Barr froms team to investigate FBI malfeasance during 2016 election
Barr reviewing FBI conduct during 2016 election in separate, wide-ranging probe

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Your Heart

Home is where the Heart is
How true is this!
When your Heart is your compass
You will become an empath
It will steal your show

When you follow wherever it goes

“Solving 911 ends all wars”

UK, US and France pushed militants for chemical attacks in Syria: Official

Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

The fox owns the henhouse – When public safety is governed by private profit
Collective Evolution

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What did I doubt
All about?

Actually it was the same old song
Did I do right or wrong
Is this the place where I belong
Do others see me as strong

It made my life seem grey
Because myself I did betray
Carrying the weight
Of what others did dictate

Doubt felt like glue
Doubting whatever I did do
Making decisions became better
When I asked myself: ‘What on earth does this matter’!

Benjamin Fulford 4-8-19… “Undeclared Anglo-German war raging inside G7″
Kauilapele’s Blog

X22Report 4-5-19… “The economic patriot plan activated. on schedule, did you miss it?
Kauilapele’s Blog

“Asbestos of the sky” – The aviation industry’s darkest coverup
Collective Evolution

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‘A one way conversation’


My dear how was your day?
I have so much to say
I took a stroll
To the mall

I bumped into Mrs Watts
We talked about lots
The dogs jus sat for a while
Instead of walking the mile

Then I cleaned the kitchen floor
Painted the front door
I took out the weeds
Planted some new seeds

When everything was done
I just sat in the sun
Oh Dear, did I just see a yawn?
(ALL he had to say:)
I worked from morning to dawn!

The day of mine
Was just fine

(The difference in a conversation between ‘she and he’.  While she just rattles on, describing her day he only uses 3 sentences!!!)

Operation Gladio: The unholy alliance between The Vatican, The CIA & The Mafia

“It belongs to the people, not The Bankers” – Italy moves to seize gold from Central Bank

Simon Parkes 4-6-19… “Connecting consciousness” (and het notes, “5G in the U.S. will be safe”)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Fox News 4-5-19… “Journalist [Glenn Greenwald]: Media’s Mueller leaks are a sign of desperation
Kauilapele’s Blog

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Inner child


In every Heart, lives a child
It is mostly denied
It often feels rejected
Instead of being protected

It asks your attention
And for your affection
Every day become aware
That child inside you needs your daily care

X22Report 4-4-19… “America for sale, Ukraine & China in the news, news unlocks”
Kauilapele’s Blog

iPot Videos (two of them) 4-2-19, 4-5-19… “Two ‘quick burns”’ (full of apocalyptic hilarity)
Kauilapele’s Blog

[4.4] Sealed indictments / Huber / Biden / NXIVM / Maga hat attacker / Alex Jones

Benjamin Fulford interview: Asia declares a new are – Prepare for Change [Video]

Update on “Julian Assange expected to be expelled from Ecuadorean Embassy”
Kauilapele’s Blog
Dear Mr. President, a warning…

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Sailor and Author

Face in the wind
Sun in my eyes
I follow my instinct
I see a new horizon arise

I feel excited
When I arrive at the shore
Another chapter I write
When adventures I explore

Sailing through deep waters
I describe what’s on my mind
I’m Sailor and Author
The two of them combined

While I ‘sail’ through my life I become more and more conscious of my being. I try to ‘register’ and describe what’s on my mind, when I experience my emotions.

Soul Families workshop report and Planetary situation update
Portal 2012

Dr. Michael Salla, 3-26-29… “The big (Exopolitics) Picture behind Trump Russia Collusion narrative & its collapse”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Brexit: Can’t find the exit
Veterans Today

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I am on a vacation till Monday, not sure I am able to post!

A Wise Owl

A Wise Owl looks in the dark
From a branch in the park
The eyes are of a great assistance
Seeing nearby and in the distance
It turns its wise head around
Detecting every sound

The Wise Owl could be our example
It is never caught in a scandal
Nor does it seem to gamble
Because it looks at life from every angle

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 4-1-19… “Japanese generals ready to act against Zionist stooges as “Reiwa era” begins”
Kauilapele’s Blog

THE VETO:Exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4, western media propaganda war in Syria
Vanessa Beeley

Deutsche Bank’s decades-long history of compliance failures exposed

The CIA takeover of America in the 1960s is the story of our time

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At first my lawn was green
A wonderful scene
But then those little daisies
Came and made me crazy

But actually they are stunning
Sweet and funny

Those little white heads
I love to collect

I made a daisy chain
In the form of a heart frame

Forget ‘creepy’ – Biden has a major Ukraine problem

European Union:  Renaissance or storm und drang

Unable to wait two weeks, Democrats plan nationwide tantrum if Mueller Report not released tonight

How a “No deal’ Brexit could lead to the “Lehmanization” of Europe

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In a moment life can change

In a ‘Moment’ my world can change
Letting go of ‘chains and restrains’
In a ‘Second’ I can make a decision
To create a new life condition

In a ‘Minute’ I can decide to live intense
And try to make a difference
It is why ‘Now’  I feel great
I no longer wait: Every day I celebrate!

RussiaGate:”Why did this ever start in the first place?”

Forget RussiaGate: America’s anxieties are about to go biblical

ECB inflationists are crippling Europe

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