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News in the West

We read it in the press
News in the West is the best
Journalists well-educated
And sophisticated
Information exclusive
And explosive
Articles double-checked
Perfect and correct
Their sources
Never distorted…

They tell us in the press
News of the East is less, suppressed
Even harmful
It isn’t impartial
Their news is faked
And dictated
But…  the news of the West
I can no longer ‘digest’
It isn’t what they promise
Their news is dishonest

It gets on my nerves

Our news doesn’t serve

”Cultural Schizophrenia”: US Media no longer reports facts, but appeals to emotions

How the West’s War in Libya spurred terrorism in 14 countries

Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison

Macron’s Security Service threatens French journalists with prison fines

New Uk standard? Prosecute Politicians for telling lies!

Bilderberg 2019: Who’s going and what will they be discussing? -Full Spectrum Analysis – Jason Bermas With Truthstream Media [VIDEO]
Bilderberg 2019: Who’s going and what will they be discussing? Full spectrum analysis – Jason Bermas with Turthstream Media [Video]
Bilderberg 2019 Jared Kushner and many other surprises!

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News May 30, 2019


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-27-19… “As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West Coast oligarchs sue for peace”
Kauilapele’s Blog

(PLEASE see/read!)
One man’s quest to expose a fake BBC Video about Syria

The Western Media is key to Syria deception

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Human Rights organizations

We trust Organizations that fight

For our Human Rights
But when we search their sources
Look in their reports 
And financial forces
We may feel remorse

They play with our emotions
Immigrants crossing seas and oceans
All these lives are the spindle
Being the center of ’swindle’
With the intent to confuse
We are all being used

Organizations are using/misusing the good intentions and the trust from the people on ‘both sides’. It is how they create chaos and division

George Soros & The ‘business’ of illegal immigration

Begging for help: NM Gov changing her tune on immigration “crisis”

Censorship is the Last Tool of Tyrants
Censorship is the last tool of tyrants
Waking Times

Army’s Google Earth on steroids’ can look inside buildings

Eliminating free speech the smart way

Image: Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent
Wikipedia co-founder exposes the lies and disinfo: “Wikipedia is broken”
Natural News

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Every season
A different meaning
Another reason
For Love feelings

Glass of wine

Leaves falling

Colors awesome
Beautiful decorum

Snowflakes, winter break
Frozen lakes
Flames in a fireplace

Emotions stirring
‘A fling’, life has wings
Your Heart sings


MIT Rocket scientist weighs on leaked Syria Chemical Investigation Memo

Tide of public opinion is turning in Assange’s favor

Farage hails his turquoise revolution: Brexit Party leader threatens to upend the two-party system and wipe out the ‘untrustworthy’ Tories AND Labour by contesting a general election if Britain doesn’t leave the EU by Halloween

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We want Peace

Whose wars are we fighting
With whom have we been siding
Who has been lying
Why are many innocents dying 

What happens when there is Peace
No war industries, no war machines
No more Arms of destruction
But helping ‘Arms of construction’

What would The World look like
When all soldiers are on strike
Mothers and fathers tired of the fight
Want to tell their children they’re safe, it’s alright

And when parents say good night
They want to thrive, their future to look bright

Army virtue-tweet backfires: 1000s expose “heartbreaking” horrors of war

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with Old Guard
Memorial Day: Two medals of honor, two names, and The Tomb of the unknown soldier
Breibart News

National Anthem
Watch: The crowd erupts as a 96-year-old WWII Vet plays the National Anthem on Harmonica
Breibart News

It’s like “Negotiating with the devil” – Revolutionary Guard Admiral slams Washington warmongers”
“They shall not grow old” is a superb antiwar film
Activist Post
The best way to honor fallen soldiers is to stop sending troop to war
Activist Post

(Just an example of the last war in Syria, who are we in the West siding with???)
I found all this information on the Dutch site WantToKnow
White Helmets admit staging fake chemical attacks in Syria
One America News Network
White Helmets official trailer
Briefing by Director of the Foundation for the study of Democracy

(Very interesting information about Theresa May and the ‘Russiagate’
Also a link about the crash of the Dutch MH17 plane on 17th of July 2014.) Thursday the full article will be published.
Benjamin Fulford 5-27-19… “As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West coast oligarchs sue for peace”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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News May 26, 2019


Trump targets UK, Australia and Ukraine over ‘Greatest hoax in the History of our country’

Global Elites started the Russia nonsense

FBI lawyer implicates Comey in mishandling of FISA warrants
FBI Lawyer sequels; Implications Obama Officials for “unusual” FISA application

The Origins of ‘Spygate’: 10 Questions
The origins of ’Spygate: 10 questions

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Many Religions have a story to sell
Listen well
What they have to tell
Otherwise you may end up in Hell

WE learn what God in Heaven does
‘He” does it out of love
Killing our brothers/sisters is alright
While during a war ‘he’ stands by our side

But… ‘YOUR’ God doesn’t discriminate
And ‘MY’ God doesn’t hate or intimidate
Nor is a child born in sin
Because OUR God lives within
No one is better
Following ‘the book’ by the letter
And we can say our little prayer
Whenever and everywhere

God is always on duty: Always on call
Because God (= Love) is with us all

When I was young I was very scared for God. I thought that ‘he’ would look down on me and that ‘he’ would nod his head all day long judging me. Later I slowly changed my vision of “a God” into ‘A Source or A Creator of beautiful things’ who lives in us all and unfortanately we are the ones who are messing around and creating our own hell


“We’re being played”: Tucker Carlson features leaked Syria Chemical attack memo

Dave Janda special edition: President Trump & The Deep State “Hammer” cover up [Video]

US Gov’t Trained ISIS Commander — Did It ‘Burn’ Him Later?
US Gov’t trained ISIS Commander – Did it ‘burn’ him later

Greenpeace co-founder tells Congress that mass species extinction is fake news
Former Greenpeace President testifies in Congress: ‘Mass species extinction is fake news’

Trump attacks Military Industrial Complex, urges infrastructure investments in Middle East

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Baby we don’t talk anymore

Baby we don’t talk anymore

Like we did before
Aways occupied
When we sit side by side
I feel very alone and I groan
We seem to be married with our phones
No more conversations
The base of every relation
Communication goes quicker
When I follow you on twitter
And when I see photos on instagram
I can hardly recognize them
Well, I suppose I needn’t worry about a thing

As long as we are connected on ‘linkedIn’
So close but still so far
When we sit next to each other in the car


(Another excellent article about the European Elections)
Debt is the hidden issue in The European Elections

A “European Empire” is not what Europe needs

I found this on the Dutch site
-Jean Monnet, ‘Founding Father ‘ of the EU in a letter to a friend on April 30th, 1952

US hits Julian Assange with 17 more charges under espionage act
Collective Evolution

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Eurovision Song Festival 2019

The Eurovision song festival
Was an enormous spectacle
Its Rituals and Symbols gave me the creeps
Although expensive it looked cheap
And when I heard the Queen of Pop
It made my jaw drop
Not only did she sing out of tune
I was shocked to see her costume
The whole show was over the top

Too much I just wanted it to stop

Next year it is in The Netherlands
Duncan’s performance was good and simple
It gave me goose-dimples

Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands wins Eurovision with piano ballad

Madonna Eurovision 2019 Autotune vs Reality
Madonna plays “Lucifer” at Eurovision (RSE)

Illuminati symbols at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019


Uk Deep State plots to thwart Brexit (This is a must read article!!!)

Another excellent article: Rand Corp: hos to destroy Russia
(Conclusions of latest confidential report by Rand Corporation. It explains how to wage new Cold War against Russia, this systemic expose enables to understand true objective!)

Avenatti facing indictments for allegedly stealing from Stormy Daniels

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Let the lion roar

Find the key to open inner doors

Open them to find more
Look where you never looked before
Seek the Power that is stored
It may touch a deep core
Where you fought an inner war
Feelings that are still raw
Feelings we can no longer ignore

Don’t let The Lion snore
But let your Lion roar
When your Power is restored
You’re freed, now let your Love pour

Whenever there is pain. anger, sorrow left inside (often we don’t even realize it) we undermine our inner Power and energy. But when you search for it, heal and deal with it, a tremendous feeling of Power and Love returns.


Now it’s Comey vs Lynch: Someone’s lying again

Trey Gowdy says FBI withheld game-changer intelligence in Russia probe
Gowdy Bombshell: FBI withheld ‘Game-changer’ evidence during Russia probe

How the West’s war in Libya spurred terrorism in 14 countries

France threatens journalists with jail time for exposing Government lies about Yemen

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