Many innocents

Are imprisoned
While the criminal  population
Continue with their occupation
They walk carefree
Being treated as V I Ps
Not only individuals
Are criminals
With a good reputation
But also Criminal Corporations defending our Nations

How CIA & Allies helped Jihadists in Syria: French covert ops expert exposes new details

Syria: Unprecedented investigation reveals US-led coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa ‘Death Trap’

Vietnam demands Monsanto pay Victims of Agent Orange for cancer & Birth defects
Collective Evolution

Westminster Child sex abuse probe hears how parties and Police covered up abuse

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

Free audio: Former US Sergeant on captured Aliens

New Bombshell Flint Documentary exposes Government crimes [Video]

Top-secret Government investigation ‘probed health effects of UFO encounters’

White Helmets admit staging fake chemical attacks in Syria
One America News Network

Bayer and the ownership of all life

These censored books tell a History the establishment wants hidden

Our battle of Britain (About the European Union) YouTube
Pat Condell

Deutsche Bank back to ‘square one’ as Commerzbank merger talks collapse

Maimed Yellow Vest protestors: Worse than getting shot

FBI sued for failure to report known 9/11 evidence to Congress
Collective Evolution

Why Social Democracy is failing Europe

American government loses big vaccine debate (Dutch subtitles)

Overwhelming evidence that the CIA is smuggling drugs for decades
A history of CIA drug trafficking: Who drug cartels and drug-dealing death squads have been the CIA”s best friends for many decades
The Mena connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA drug smuggling part 1/6
David Icke I CIA involved in child trafficking?

“I was the CIA Director – We lied, we cheated, we stole”

Etc, etc, etc…

EPA giving oil companies the OK to dump fracking chemicals into Gulf of Mexico
Natural News

UN calls for Julian Assange to be released

The deep state’s total war strategy for 2019-2020
Natural News

Team of retired Navy Seals and Police detectives save teens from sex trafficking

SerialBrain2, 5-3-19… “The real James Comey, his sleeper cells and the truth about Baghdadi and Ben Laden”
Kauilapele’s Blog
Barr launches wide-ranging probe into 2016 FBI spying
Ukraine confirms DNC/Clinton operative sought ‘dirt’ on Trump during 2016 election
The wheels of real justice are in motion now: Kunstler fears the “Desperate resistance’ next move…

Trump: “Had very productive talk” with Putin, “We discussed trade, Venezuela… and Russian hoax”

The origins of The Deep State in North America, Part 1

Poll: 69% want investigation into Obama DOJ’s origins of ‘Russia Colluion’

Italy and Hungary vow to defend Europe’s borders

Cody Snodgres I Choosing the light: Dark secrets of a former CIA asset

a CNN Poll lies about landslide support for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders
Collective Evolution

Greenland ice glacier growing as climate alarmists go into mass hysteria that defies real-world measurements
Natural News

Mississippi River breaks 1993 flood record

Health News:
Strawberries still the dirtiest of the ‘dirty dozen’

Mainstream Media now calling for the arrest of “antivaxxers”
Waking Times

Fox News spreads more fake news measles hysteria by claiming MMR vaccines don’t contain aborted human fetal tissue… but they actually do
Natural News

The era of socialized behavior
Waking Times

Secret investor report leaks 5-step Bayer/Monsanto plan to poison our food

Confirmed: Sweating removes deadly chemicals from the body
Collective Evolution

Different News:
Ancient animal & human bones discovered in underwater graveyard in Mexico

Other News:
New film “Renegade” about the life of legendary conspiracy researcher David Icke

Fairies and little people
Tricia McCannon Speaks