While time passes
It seems to go faster
It’s hard to grasp
That at last
We’re in ‘the masterclass’

While the old fades
We became brave
We’re slowly coming out of our ‘caves’

No longer willing to be slaves
We are finally ready to graduate!

Slowly but surely we are becoming aware who we are in this life. We are learning that we functioned in a system that we are outgrowing at last!!!


Why does time seem it’s speeding up?
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Health News:
Monsanto argues roundup cancer victim should receive less money because of imminent death
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New Law will allow Oregon dentists to vaccinate patients

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Very first 3d printed heart has been created using patient’s own biological materials
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The Ancient Romans built seismic invisibility cloaks for amphitheaters

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Solar flare measuring C9.9 erupts from sun, strongest since 2017, earthquake watch

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The lure of Religion