Pope Francis issues groundbreaking law requiring priests, nuns to report sex abuse, cover up

The EU is “The embodiment of bureaucratic hubris”

Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

Greg Hunter with Mark Taylor 5-11-19… “Justice is pouring down on earth”
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And We Know 5-11-19… “SerialBrain2: Kentucky Derby: The magic spell went all the way to Russia” Video
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A “cancer” on our economy”: Report finds over $7 Billion laundered through British Columbia in 2018

Yellow Vest Fever (RT Documentary)

China’s “JPMorgan” seeks money from its employees to avoid collapse

Q Anon/News – LA guns: Huge cache found in Getty’s girlfriend’s abandoned house – In Pursuit of Truth presents [Video]

Rapper indicted for funneling $21M of foreign cash into Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Facebook censorship hits more Political channels, 600K followers gone
Activist Post

Facial recognition tech tested by UK Police was wrong 96% of the time according to big brother watch
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Health News:
New bill in NY will make anyone over 18 an organ donor; [Video]

Go ahead and smoke, drink and eat whatever you want: Norway’s public Health Minister

Is hydrogen peroxide mouthwash harmful for teeth?
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Prince Charles gave money to Sadistic pedophile Bishop, inquiry says

Different News:
Romans had Ancient Tech for creating seismic invisibility cloak around monuments

Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Theory (Season 10) I History

Other News:
Native elder shows a petrified Alien Heart, which he claimed belonged to the “Star People”
Collective Evolution

The pendulum swings both ways, the liberation of Saturn has begun [Video]

Healing with the Angelic Rainbow of light by Archangel Michael
Nathalie Glasson

May 12th channeling
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