We love the world of Queens and Kings
Many dream of marrying a Prince
And when the wedding bells ring
We all sing
They seem to be special
Are they keen to become the successor

Is it a favor to be born in their cradle
Or is this a fable
Is there rival and competition
Is it all fantasy and fiction
Does our life look very pale

Compared to living in their ‘fairy tale’???

What is like to be Queen of England
Exposed: All the Queen’s agents and corporations that control the World

Leaked Document pokes more holes in establishment Syria Narrative

Dr. Dave Janda 5-14-19… “President Trump is about to “Hammer” Brennan & Comey” (and one other item) ‘sparked’ today’s mission)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Isaac Kappy, an actor talking about Hollywood pedophilia & naming names has died
Collective Evolution

Global Warming is a scam – David Icke
London Real

Zero Hedge 50-13-19… “Judy Shelton, Trump’’s next Fed choice, favors a Gold Standard and Free Trade
Kauilapele’s Blog

Right beneath your feet: The hidden reality of deep underground Military Bases
Collective Evolution

Brexit Party surge: Tories tumble to 5th place in European Parliament polls

Globalists lie low
Something unprecedented is happening with Bilderberg 2019

Anonymous message to citizens of the World II
Prepare for Change

Why everyone who counts wants Julian Assange dead

Facebook gags Italian populists two weeks before EU elections

Headlines and Updates for May 14, 2019: Global web of intrigue is growing [videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Putin says “Time to restore ties: after Pompeo, Lavrov spar on election meddling, Venezuela & Iran

Historic agreement to reduce plastic waste reached by nearly every country in the world
Waking Times

Supreme Court deals Apple massive blow by allowing antitrust lawsuit to proceed against tech giant’s monopoly over iPhone apps
Natural News

Trump denies US plan to deploy 120,000 troops to Middle East to counter Iran

San Fran PD, FBI, treat local journalist “like a drug dealer” by raiding his home and demanding he turn over a confidential source
Natural News

Health News:
Millennials besieged by chronic illness: From age 27, it’s all “downhill”
Children’s Health Defense

Bombshell jury award against Monsanto may bankrupt Bayer
Natural News

Monsanto’s toxic tricks
Natural News

Oops! The brain does have an immune system

Different News:
Massive Crystal Tower on the Moon Meade 8” LX 200 ACF, May 13 2019 [Video]

Strong geomagnetic effects, more CMEs coming I So News May 14, 2019 [Video]

I have never seen something fly that fast. Turkish pilot films UFO during flight

Other News:
It turns out the demon in your life is YOU!
Openhearted Rebellion

Our May 15 -25 Gateway is upon us
Ascension Path with Sandra Walter