A Company Giant
Is losing its clients
Because of manipulating
The population

Through intimidation and bribery
They caused anxiety
Also using threats 
That could lead to deaths

Finally we see some Just

Their criminal activity went bust

Bombshell: Bayer discovers “black ops” Monsanto unit, shuts it down
Natural News
Monsanto kept dossiers in influential people in France and across Europe, previously paid Sir Richard Dol to alter school scientific research
Activist Post
The Media turns against Monsanto; here’s what happens next
Natural News
European criminal investigators closing in on Monsanto’s “black ops” unit that targeted journalists, regulators and lawmakers
Natural News
Monsanto had a hit list of influencers in Europe and paid off-key cancer researcher
Waking Times

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FBI-CIA dispute erupts over whether Comey or Brennan pushed Steel dossier
Comey blaims Brennan pushed junk dossier in IC report
Comey turns on Brennan; claims he pushed junk dossier in IC Report
Both Comey and Brennan voted communist while Cold War was raging

“Dancing Israelis” – 9/11 Photos Released after FOIA Request, Media Silent
“Dancing Israelis” – 9/11 photos released after FOIA request, Media Silent

NY Times Article Blames Russia for 5G Opposition in U.S. Without Mentioning The Outlet’s Joint Venture with Verizon to Build a 5G Journalism Lab — Now WaPo Joins In the Fake News
NY Times Article blames Russia for 5G opposition in U.S. without mentioning the outlet’s joint venture with Verizon to build a 5G journalism lab – Now WaPo joins in the Fake News

A World aching for Peace & Stability can no longer afford NATO”

Bolton is choking on foreign policy, here’s who should replace him

Nellie Ohr deleted emails exchanged with top ranking DOJ husband: Judicial Watch

Dutch Intelligence reportedly investigated “Backdoor” discovered in Huawei equipment

DoD Inspector General exposes Pentagon contractor’s 9,400% profit on half-inch pin

EU fines 5 banks $1.2 Billion in ‘FX Cartel’ Case

“WH.gov/techbias”.. a new place to report “Banning from social media”
Kauilapele’s Blog

CNN & MSNBC caught meddling in US Democracy

Google search results found to exhibit extreme bias in favor of liberal websites, proving election meddling and fraud
Natural News

Galactic Connection daily news roundup

Health News:

NCVIA – The legislation that changed everything – Conflicts of interest undermine Children’s Health: Part II
Children’s Health Defense

Different News:
Dr Michael Salla: Antarctic Ice Core records resolve competing Pole Shift Theories
Dr Michael Salla: Antartctic Ice core records resolve competing pole shift theories

Spectacular photos taken by the Rosetta space probe during its 4 BILLION mile journey to reach a comet
Spectacular photos taken by the Rosetta space probe during its 4 Billion mile journey to reach a comet

Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion 2019 [VIDEO]
Rupert Sheldrake: The science delusion 2019 [Video]

EU fines 5 banks $1.2 Billion in ‘FX Cartel’ case

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Eric Raine’s Energy Update 5/13/2019
Energy Update for week of May 6

As Above, So Below?
As Above, So Below