And We Know 5-14-19… “SerialBrain2: Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey: The infernal trio” Video
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SpehreBeingAlliance Video 5-8-19… “Jay Weidner breaks his silence on Corey Goode”
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SpehreBeingAlliance Video 5-15-19… “Cosmic briefing – David Wilcock & Corey Goode reunion interview 2019” (We [are] getting close to the edge… with disclosure”)
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One more note about the video, “Cosmic briefing – David Wilcock & Corey Goode reunion interview 2019” (Suggest going to 26 min. and watch from there)
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“Treason!” – Barr finds “Government power was used to spy on American citizens
Barr poleaxes Pelosi in Friday interview: ‘Dems trying to discredit me ahead of FBI review’

Bayer’s stock has lost 44% of its value since they bought Monsanto

Democrats attend ‘Russia Collusion’ funeral; Read out Mueller Report to empty room

“Cultural schizophrenia”: US Media no longer reports facts, but appeals to emotions

The places in America with the most cases of human trafficking

Crack pipe, IDs, and badge found in Hunter Biden rental car

Brexit party on pace to overtake Tories by Election Day

America’s next hypersonic passenger plane could travel between New York and London in 1.5 hours

Radioactive “Nuclear Coffin” may be leaking into ocean, UN chief warns

Latest Facebook strike means CE might no longer be able to pay me to write
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Health News:
Gardasil’s fraudulent research revealed: There will be legal consequences, says Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

New study finds that measles outbreaks are occurring in many VACCINATED individuals
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Different News:
Something strange punched a hole in the Milky Way. But what exactly is it?

Other News:
The Full moon cometh…
World Metamorphosis

James Gilliland 5-17-19… “Ascension wave backlash”
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Cmdr Ashian: The quest of the Ages is at en end. These are the moments before the summit is reached

Full Moon in Scorpio: Practical thinking versus intense feelings
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The great human potential ~ The 9D Arcturian Council

The guru syndrome: When spirituality turns sour

Full Blue Moon! Don’t miss this wealth-creating energy! iChing, Astrology, dreamBot [Video]