Many Religions have a story to sell
Listen well
What they have to tell
Otherwise you may end up in Hell

WE learn what God in Heaven does
‘He” does it out of love
Killing our brothers/sisters is alright
While during a war ‘he’ stands by our side

But… ‘YOUR’ God doesn’t discriminate
And ‘MY’ God doesn’t hate or intimidate
Nor is a child born in sin
Because OUR God lives within
No one is better
Following ‘the book’ by the letter
And we can say our little prayer
Whenever and everywhere

God is always on duty: Always on call
Because God (= Love) is with us all

When I was young I was very scared for God. I thought that ‘he’ would look down on me and that ‘he’ would nod his head all day long judging me. Later I slowly changed my vision of “a God” into ‘A Source or A Creator of beautiful things’ who lives in us all and unfortanately we are the ones who are messing around and creating our own hell


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