Trump targets UK, Australia and Ukraine over ‘Greatest hoax in the History of our country’

Global Elites started the Russia nonsense

FBI lawyer implicates Comey in mishandling of FISA warrants
FBI Lawyer sequels; Implications Obama Officials for “unusual” FISA application

The Origins of ‘Spygate’: 10 Questions
The origins of ’Spygate: 10 questions

EU Establishment set for popular rebuke in elections

Nigel Farage takes down another Tory Government, bye bye Theresa May

Salvini: I want a “TrumpStyle revolution” in Italy

Witnesses to the car crash say Princess Diana’s death was no accident

Tulsi Gabbard says war with Iran serves Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests, not America's
Tulsi Gabba
rd: War with Iran serves interests of Saudi Arabia & Israel, NOT America

WWF support for sterilization programs and “shoot on sight” uncovered by Dutch TV

CNN lays off staffers after massive ratings drop

The lies about World War II exposed by Historians – WW2 was Churchil’s War, not Hitler’s

And We Know 5-23-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump, Sally Yates & the enemy’s agenda(Part 2) Video
Kauilapele’s Blog

Graeme MacQueen reveals the Anthrax Deception
The Corbett Report

Study shows students learn better when they take handwritten notes
Study shows students learn better when they take handwritten notes

WaPo: Biden involved in early stages of 2016 Campaign spying
Breibart News

Health News:

Amazing 1930’s Pharmacist map of ‘Herbal cures’ released to public

Why natural medicine is NOT “Alternative”

After reading this article about the danger of GMOs, you will probably never want to eat GM food again

Los Angeles on the verge of infectious disease epidemic
Los Angeles on verge of ‘Major infectious disease epidemic’ – Doctor warns

Different News:
Revealed Photos PROVE Something Huge is Hidden in Ancient Egypt – Lost Civilizations & Egyptians [VIDEO]
Revealed photos prove something huge is hidden in Ancient Egypt – Lost civilizations & Egyptians [Video]

First UK crop circle of 2019 found

Ex Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary of Intelligence for The United States speaks out about UFOs
Collective Evolution

Professor: UFOS, Aliens are human anthropologists from future

Other News:
Waking up: Are spiritual experiences becoming more common?

Lisa Renee Time Shift Blog: The Scientific Creed
Lisa Renee Time Shift Blog: The scientific creed

9 Proofs that you don’t exist
Smart Banana

Cintamani Stone (Cobra)
Shambhala & Cintamani Stone
William Henry – Portal to Ascension