Whose wars are we fighting
With whom have we been siding
Who has been lying
Why are many innocents dying 

What happens when there is Peace
No war industries, no war machines
No more Arms of destruction
But helping ‘Arms of construction’

What would The World look like
When all soldiers are on strike
Mothers and fathers tired of the fight
Want to tell their children they’re safe, it’s alright

And when parents say good night
They want to thrive, their future to look bright

Army virtue-tweet backfires: 1000s expose “heartbreaking” horrors of war

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with Old Guard
Memorial Day: Two medals of honor, two names, and The Tomb of the unknown soldier
Breibart News

National Anthem
Watch: The crowd erupts as a 96-year-old WWII Vet plays the National Anthem on Harmonica
Breibart News

It’s like “Negotiating with the devil” – Revolutionary Guard Admiral slams Washington warmongers”
“They shall not grow old” is a superb antiwar film
Activist Post
The best way to honor fallen soldiers is to stop sending troop to war
Activist Post

(Just an example of the last war in Syria, who are we in the West siding with???)
I found all this information on the Dutch site WantToKnow
White Helmets admit staging fake chemical attacks in Syria
One America News Network
White Helmets official trailer
Briefing by Director of the Foundation for the study of Democracy

(Very interesting information about Theresa May and the ‘Russiagate’
Also a link about the crash of the Dutch MH17 plane on 17th of July 2014.) Thursday the full article will be published.
Benjamin Fulford 5-27-19… “As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West coast oligarchs sue for peace”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Macron suffers huge blow with to Le Pen
Well at lest his ego has!)

Trust is on trial in Europe (and The World)

The ECB’s Monetary trap

Belgian Yellow vests clash with riot police on Election Day, tear gas deployed

Why Farage wins the country and Corby wins only a party

SpyGate shake-up: Prime Minister of Italy fires top Officials from Italian Intel Agencies

Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup

THE EVIL OF 5G TECHNOLOGY – David Icke | London Real [VIDEO]
The evil of 5G technology – David Icke I London Real

Could Everything We Have Been Told a Lie? w/ PM David Williams (2of2) [VIDEO]
Could everything we have been told a lie? w/ PM David Williams (2of2) [Video]

Police found complicit in covering up child sex ring in Catholic Church

Headlines and Updates for May 26, 2019: Life certainly isn’t boring [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The QAnon phenomenon alive and well in Japan: New drops
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Trump to confront Theresa May over UK's role in Spygate scandal
Trump to personally confront embattled Theresa May over Spygate scandal

Health News:

Cannabis-laced tampons can remedy period pain in just 30 minutes
Waking Times

Health News:
Patients choosing cannabis over psych meds, plus news on deep state desperation
Natural News

Chemicals in California tap water predicted to cause over 15,000 cases of cancer, New study shows

Measles’ caused by MMR vaccine reaction, acknowledged by NH State Officials

Different News:
1,000-Year-Old African Coin Could Change Australia’s History
1,000-Year-Old African coin could change Australia’s History

Largest Solar Storm In Years, More CMEs Approaching Earth, Earthquake Watch [VIDEO]
Largest Solar storm in years, more GMEs approaching Earth, Earthquake Watch [Video]

Cloudbusting Resources
Cloudbusting Resources

Bristol academic deciphers lost language of 600-year-old Voynich manuscript
Bristol academic deciphers lost language of 600-year-old Voynich manuscript

These Are the Planets That Survive the Deaths of Their Stars
These are the Planets that survive the deaths of their Stars

Breakaway Civilisation — Do You Want to Go to Mars
Breakaway Civilisation – Do you want to go to Mars

Solomon’s Temple

Other News:
May 27th channeling up

The original Earth, Moon and Sun
The Shift of Time and Energy

The shows & Upcoming events

Kp Message 5-26-19.. “What about those periods when I don’t always feel like I’m “looking to the light”, and all is feeling great and being great and looking great???”
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Bothe sides of the veil and all the Dimensions

GaiaPortal 5-27-19… “Effulvance of planetary elixirs presents to all”
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