We trust Organizations that fight

For our Human Rights
But when we search their sources
Look in their reports 
And financial forces
We may feel remorse

They play with our emotions
Immigrants crossing seas and oceans
All these lives are the spindle
Being the center of ’swindle’
With the intent to confuse
We are all being used

Organizations are using/misusing the good intentions and the trust from the people on ‘both sides’. It is how they create chaos and division

George Soros & The ‘business’ of illegal immigration

Begging for help: NM Gov changing her tune on immigration “crisis”

Censorship is the Last Tool of Tyrants
Censorship is the last tool of tyrants
Waking Times

Army’s Google Earth on steroids’ can look inside buildings

Eliminating free speech the smart way

Image: Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent
Wikipedia co-founder exposes the lies and disinfo: “Wikipedia is broken”
Natural News

‘Fake Dossier’-Creator Steele refuses to cooperate with AG Barr’s probe

Montgomery, ‘The Hammer’ surveillance system whistleblower, became The Deep State’s enemy number one after exposing the truth

18 Ways Julian Assange changed the world

And We Know 5-28-19… “SerialBrain2: Pelosi stammers through News Conference. The end is near. Enjoy the show” Video
Kauilapele’s Blog

Interview 1444 – James and Luke tackle Bilderberg 2019
The Corbett Report

TROTWOOD, OH - MAY 28: Residents of the Trotwood neighborhood West Brook inspect the damage to their homes following powerful tornados on May 28, 2019 in Trotwood, Ohio. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)
Photos: Tornadoes leave trail of destruction across Ohio, Indiana.. Millions without power
Breibart News

Iran, Iraq, & the axis of sanity

A Philippines cafe makes straws from coconut leaves as a perfect alternative to plastic straws

South-East Asia vows to return mountains of trash back to the West

Here’s how your Hot Dog is made

Widespread contamination of antibiotics found in rivers around the world

Health News:
Smart Meters – Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death
Smart Meters – Countdown to a national crisis of illness and death
Waking Times

The Most Cancer Suppressing Compounds Are Found In These Veggies
The most cancer suppressing compounds are found in these veggies
Waking Times

3 Tests to check of your honey is pure or fake
Natural News

5 Ways to use Aloe Vera
Natural News

Is your antidepressant making you fat?
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3G, 4G, 5G Health effects
Natural News

Yerba santa, a medicinal herb native to California, reduces swelling in the brain and could successfully treat Alzheimer’s
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Different News:
Organic matter from space preserved in 3.3.-billion-year-old rocks

Other News:
june energies
The emotional energies of June!
The Shift of Time and

Robbie Williams reveals song ‘Angels’ is actually about ghosts he “talked to” as a child
11 Pop Stars who claim to have seen UFOs

John Cleese talks to Dr Jim Tucker about research into children’s past life memories