It has become a trend:
Our time we spend
On the internet in the land

Of pretend 
Where our lives expand

Where our identities we lend
And where our egos we mend
It depends on the likes being sent
In reality we want to hold a hand
Of someone who is present

DOJ Watchdog: High-level FBI Official had unauthorized Media contacts, leaked, accepted gift… Deep State declines to prosecute
Breibart News

Salvini faces a political minefield after EU elections

11 Killed in shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Center, suspect confirmed dead

Malaysia wants evidence to show Russia shot down MH17
Free Malaysia Today

97% of Scientists don’t agree on the cause of climate change, but they do on some things
Collective Evolution

Serialbrain2… Three recent links of (possibly high) interest (5-29-19, 5-30-19)
Kauilapele’s Blog
And We Know 5-31-19… “SerialBrain2: Japan has joined the Alliance. Welcome aboard Prime Minster Abe!”

Paul Graig Roberts warns Western supremacy is on its way out

Detained and thrown in a cell – Welcome to Bilderberg 2019
Activist Post
The U.S. Press: Is it guilty of sedition? Former CIA Agent Kevin Shipp thinks so.
Activist Post
Journalists killings, arrests and assaults climb worldwide as authoritarianism spreads
Activist Post
Detention of Gaspard Glanz is a sign of France’s increasingly Authoritarian treatment of journalists
Activist Post

AG William Barr on DOJ/FBI Conduct in 2016: “Things are just not jiving” – Full Interview and Transcript… And Analysis and Commentary By Tracy Beanz [VIDEO]
AG William Barr on DOJ/FBI conduct in 2016: “Things are just not jiving” – Full interview and transcript… And analysis and commentary by Tracy Beanz [Video]

James Comey named as defendant in sexual harassment lawsuit against FBI

Bernie supporters say DNC sabotaging him again by promoting Biden

Not satire – Hillary Clinton to give keynote speech at Cybersecurity Conference

Syria Air defenses intercept several Israeli projectiles

Debt-laden Americans flee country to escape crushing student loans
Waking Times

Elton John slams Brexit: ‘I am a European – Not a stupid, imperialist English idiot’

Lyon parcel bomber was ISIS supporter
Lyon Parcel bomber confesses ISIS allegiance – French sources

Tech giants have become hubs of anti-knowledge to enslave humanity
Natural News

Siri and Alexa assistants are sexist tools of oppression: UN Report

Labour suspends ex-candidate who called Hillary Clinton a Rothschild W***e’
Times of Isreal

The battle for the minds of America [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Revolutionary war drama bubbling over: New data and decodes [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Fighting for Colonial footprints: A very British thing
Covert Geopolitics

Lots of data collected on people – including you – using “smart” roads and public transportation systems
Activist Post

Health News:

6 Ways coconut oil can benefit those with thyroid problems
Natural News

Natural remedy shutout continues: FDA warns against marijuana and using it for cancer
Natural News

Studies reveal conventional cancer treatments can be as dangerous as the disease itself
Natural News

Bayer says Monsanto kept dossiers on influential people – hoped to influence their position on pesticide safety

Research finds spiraling lowers blood pressure
Natural News

Ozone Therapy Being Used for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Ozone Therapy being used for complex regional pain syndrome

Different News:
The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program
The paranormal roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program

This Incredibly Rare Photo of a Bald Eagle And Its Reflection Is Stunning The World
This incredibly rare photo of a bald eagle its reflection is stunning the world

Tribal Map Shows Whose Land You’re Actually Living On
Tribal map shows whose land you’re actually living on

Winnemucca Petroglyphs | Were The Oldest Rock Carvings in America Created by Giants? [VIDEO]
Winnemucca Petroglyphs I Were the oldest rock carvings in America created by giants? {Video]

Former US defense official: We know UFOs are real – here’s why that’s concerning

Other News:

New Moon time again…
World Metamorphosis

The Atlantan Priesthood, the 13th Crystal Skull and the Lemurian Code

Native Elder  – “I was told that there are four violent species in The Universe, Humans were one of them”
Collective Evolution

The War on Human Consciousness
The war on human consciousness

Loving the present moment

Mike Quinsey’s higher self message, May 31, 2019