It is clear

For our climate we fear
Is there still hope
For our precious Globe?

It seems to be our priority
To live in a ‘disposable society
We use Planet Earth as our domain
Throwing chemicals down the drain

When we walk down the streets
We see rubbish under our feet
And while we’re on pills and drugs

Earth becomes resistant against bugs

We’re killing our butterflies
While spraying pesticides
In our groundwater it sinks
Poisoning foods and drinks

Children learn about Planet Earth
In their digital world

Not connecting to Mother Nature
Because the computer is their creator

What do we know about flowers and trees
About the birds and the bees
While we’re to busy with our ‘needs’
We let Earth’s Heart bleed…

Yes, we ARE responsible for our Planet AND for ourselves. However I don’t believe the ‘Climate change theory’. How much do we really care for our Planet? We protest against Climate Change because we are worried for our our planet and our future.
But how responsible are we while we treat Earth badly showing little to no respect in our every-day life?
What is our own contribution to live in a better and safer environment?
How conscious are we about our own behavior and what is going on around us in the way we treat our Planet? Are we well-informed?
And what about geoengineering, 5G,. pesticides, GMO….
What is their influence on our Earth and Climate?

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