No matter how old you are
When you feel like a ‘rock star”
Rock around the clock all tonight
Until early day light

When your life is full of fun

It will keep you young
Your Being  filled with bliss
Is the best way to exist

Fun: We are young fr. Janelle Monae (Official Video)


Tulsi Gabbard pushes no war agenda… And the Media is out to kill her chances

Inside Argentina’s killing machine: U.S. Intelligence documents record gruesome Human Rights crimes of 1976-1983

North Korean leader’s assassinated half-brother was a CIA informant: WSJ

The Omnipresent Surveillance State: Orwell’s 1984 Is No Longer Fiction
The omnipresent surveillance state: Orwell’s 1984 is no longer fiction
Waking Times

One dead as helicopter crashes on roof of Midtown Manhattan building

Related to the “Releasing the fire” Missions? Here’s an iPOT 6-10-19 video and a “fire event” that happened on 5-29-19
Kauilapele’s Blog

Trump says “Another very important part” of Mexico deal is now finished

Dump It: Toronto’s Smart City Project Is ‘Surveillance Capitalism’
Dump it: Toronto’s smart city project is ’surveillance capitalism’

Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup
Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup

Clintons Center of web, NXIVM, Branson Gates, & More names w/Corey’s Digs
Sarah Westall

If this isn’t enough to Red Pill you, what is? w/ Fire Captain John Lord
Sarah Westall

Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, sheep-dipped patsy
The Corbett Report

Glacier National Park quietly removes its “Gone by 2020” signs

Headlines and Updates for June 10, 2019: Can’t stuff any more in a day [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
MOAB incoming: Intel drops, dots connected and huge surprises (Time sensitive)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
Area17 Decode: This one packs a wallop & JFK George Magazine [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

We are all liars
Covert Geopolitics

AG Bill Barr discusses his dangerous position overseeing Deep State FBI
AG Barr hints at his dangerous position overseeing Deep State FBI

Barr contempt vote on hold after DOJ cuts deal for unreacted Mueller Documents

Mueller used GPS cellphone exploit to survey Trump associates

DOJ targets ‘NGOs and individuals’ in Agency abuse probe

Health News:
Nuns who call cannabis a 'gift from God' begin growing their own weed
These nuns love weed so much they’re growing their own

Minnesota will pay residents to turn lawns into bee sanctuaries
Waking Times

Top cancer research advisor compares wireless radiation to cigarettes
Collective Evolution

Vaccines are not traffic lights: new explosive CA lawsuit

Experts call bullshit after Coroner says healthy woman died in first ever ‘THC overdose’
Openhearted Rebellion

Dogs and owners have synchronized stress levels researchers find

Different News:
UFO leak of the Century
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Boost memory regenerate neurons with this ancient plant

Other News:
New online program “Beyond Meditation”

Your Turn
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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, June 0, 2019