Humanity is right on time

We’re approaching the finish line
Long ago we started a ‘marathon’
We won, we’re nearly done

We went  fast, we went slow
We didn’t know where to go
We stumbled and fell
We lived in ‘hell’

And we cried

But… we survived
We are winning
A new beginning..

We went round and round in circles
While Earth kept a journal
It became our History
At last we will witness our Victory

Please, please, read and listen to the links in these articles!!! There is soooo much important information about our History!

Videos from the latest SerialBrain2 (SB2) article that are “Very key” to understanding what is going on now… (6-11-19)
Kauilapele’s Blog

SerialBrain2, 6-10-19… “Trump’s historic State visit to the UK: Winning, winning, winning”
Kauilapele’s Blog

The Event, Briefing, Operation Freedom Earth Continues [VIDEO]
The Event, briefing, operation Freedom Earth Continues [Video]

Carry me home (Official Music Video) – Michael Schulte


The FBI tragedy: Elites above the law

4 Tons of C-4 U.S. manufactured found in Der’ah and stored by ISIS!!! SAA grinds Nusra in both Hama and Idlib
Syrian Perspective

Media paints Jihadist Commander who pledged allegiance to ISIS as soccer star with the voice of an angel

EU blinks already: In the face of a no-deal Brexit, the EU finds a unicorn

The lessons of Chernobyl: It’s the West that now needs Glasnost

Not the onion: Biden promises to cure cancer if elected

Fascination Update on chopper crash in Manhattan June 10, 2019 I In pursuit of Truth [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

How American make and spend their money, by education level

The tree symbolizing “Friendship” between Trump and Macron has died

YouTube is flooded with hardcore sex videos from Roblox, a video game for KIDS

Pinterest bans Zero Hedge by adding to “Porn Domain Block List” used to target conversations

Pre-teen “Draag kids” highlight just how fast our culture has crumbled

Interview 1448 – Carey Wedler on Tulsi Gabbard’s hope and change
The Corbett Report

Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup
Headlines and Updates for June 11, 2019: Pulling the G’s… Buckle your harness [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

NXIVM’s neighborhood shocked anew by trial revelations
NXICM’s neighborhood shocked anew by trial revelations

Health News:
Featured Image
Neurologist exposed ‘brain death’ myth behind multi-billion-dollar organ transplant industry

A leading primate scientist has claimed chimpanzee meat is being sold on market stalls in cities in the UK and across Europe after being smuggled from Africa.
Chimpanzee meat is being eaten across Europe, scientist warns

Proof US Gov’t lied about 5G – Navy research confirms numerous health dangers

Facebook banned Natural News for “off-platform” article defending children
Natural News

Breaking: Tech giants to censor all healthy living content that promotes nutrition, organics, clean water, clean vaccines or anti-cancer foods
Natural News

Honey Bee colonies across Europe plunge 16%, says study

99% of Canadian Honey Analyzed Contaminated with Herbicide Glyphosate
99% of Canadian honey analyzed contaminated with herbicide glyphosate
Waking Times

TIME Magazine reports how 5G will increase our already high levels of E-waste and why this isn’t green
Activist Post

Iceland want people to drop bottled water and drink its lava-filtered tap water instead

Grocery stores recall frozen berries for Hepatitis A risk

Different News:

A mythical form of space propulsion finally gets a real test

Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Astronomers Discover “Deep Structure” Under Moon’s Largest Crater
Astronomers discover “Deep Structure” under Moon’s largest crater

Magenta Pixie: Avatar Consciousness, Quantum DMT and the 144,000 Sealed Servants [VIDEO]
Magenta Pixie Avatar consciousness, quantum DMT and the 144.,000 sealed servants [Video]

Why We’re a Culture of Addicts
Why we’re a culture of addicts
Waking Times

Other News:

A new light to follow…
World Metamorphosis