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‘Good morning America’ slams Biden for dodging nepotism questions over Ukraine, China dealings

Biden doubles down after reminding everyone Democrats had slaves

I know which country the U.S. will invade next”

Malaysian PM slams MH17 inquiry, says it was designed “To blame Russia from the beginning”
I found this article  on the Dutch site with a lot of videos with witnesses talking about what they saw. It seems that they have never been interviewed.

War with Iran ‘based on a lie’, Sanders vows to do his best to ’stop US attacking Iran’

Who rigged the Twin Towers [Video]

Nobody Believes US Claims That Iran Attacked Those Oil Tankers
Nobody believes US claims that Iran attacked those oil tankers

Headlines and Updates for Jun 20, 2019: Solstice energies stirring things up [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

X 22 Report: Blacksite Dismantled, New Deal Coming, Boom [VIDEO]
X22 Report: Blacksite dismatled, New deal coming, boom [Video]

And We Know Video 6-20-19.. … “SerialBrain2: The reason President Trump tweeted “Prince of Whales” (Part3)
Kauilapele’s Blog

A former Walt Disney Company Vice President was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison for sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl following a child abuse investigation.
Former Disney Vice President sentenced to prison for raping 7-year old

Doubtful ECB can prevent recession, former IMF chief economist warns

Shocking leak: Facebook monitors you OFFLINE to decide if you’re a “hate agent”

FBI ignored repeated warnings that Manafort ‘black Ledger’ might be fake

Health News:

Is the CDC Foundation directing MailChimp’s vaccine censorship?
Collective Evolution

The normalization of corruption-Big Pharma takes “Tobacco tactics” to a new level
Children’s Health Defense

Jason Bermas on Oswald, the CIA and de Brueys
The Corbett Report

Different News:
Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?) [VIDEO]
Swaruu explaining cognitive dissonance (are we ready for Extraterrestrial reality? (Video)

Scientists find what caused The Ancient Maya Civilization to disappear
Ancient Code

The wall of a hundred faces
Ancient underground city and Pyramid found near Tiwanaku
Ancient Code

Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Navy Admiral describes Reverse Engineering program involving extraterrestrial spacecraft
Navy Admiral describes reverse engineering program involving extraterrestrial spacecraft

Other News:

The hidden insidious effects of trapped negative emotions

Enlightment: It’s all within

Fairies and little people
Tricia McCannon

Solstice Mass Meditation June 21 with the Unknown Light Warrior
Starship Earth: The Big Picture