Science coming from an ‘Academy’
Doesn’t acknowledge the ‘History’
Of Homeopathy
Some say it is just fantasy
A conspiracy
It can’t work adequately

But there is an ‘ideology’
Concerning our anatomy and biology
With just a small quantity
Homeopathy stimulates the body’s activity
And restores its energy
It can be sufficiently
To give back our body’s autonomy

What does Homeopathy mean? –

Just One Drop: New Documentary Uncovering the Story of Homeopathy
Just one drop: New documentary uncovering the story of homeopathy

Just like Big Tech’s war against online free speech, BipPharma is trying to “de-platform” homeopathy and other natural remedies from retailers
Natural News

The following articles are not necessarily about homeopathy! But remember: ‘The use of herbs and plants (alternative remedies) can make a big difference in healing ourselves physically, mentally or psychologically:

Amazing 1930’2 Pharmacist Map of ‘Herbal Cures’ released to public

Why Natural Medicine is NOT “Alternative”

The Benefits of Flower Essences for Emotional Healing and Personal Growth
The benefits of flower essences for emotional healing and personal growth

10 Medicinal herbs that might live in your backyard

The herbal healing documentary: REMEDY

How to craft a natural home medicine kit


Mueller subpoenaed will testify before two house committees in July

MSM silent after Google Election meddling bombshell; Video scrubbed from YouTube
Google executives must be brought to justice for running a massive criminal enterprise
Natural News

U.S. Government has debris/material from UFOs says high-ranking government official
Collective Evolution

More details emerge from NXIVM ’sex cult’ implication Hollywood & the international financial elite
Collective Evolution
NXIVM and Satanic Pedogate gone mainstream implicating Hillary Clinton & State Department [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Juicy updates and decodes from RedPill78: It’s pool time with Q (or cue) [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
Headlines and Updates for June 24, 2019: A new, wiser humanity is evolving [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Google ethics team busted calling prominent conservative jews “Nazis”: Veritas

Merrill Lynch caught criminally manipulating precious metals market “thousands of times” over 6 years

UN demands Western countries take back imprisoned ISIS terrorists

Italy’s Salvini calls blocked migrant vessel a ‘pirate ship’; Tells Berlin and Amsterdam to take refugees

ECB to Italian Government: Your gold is ours

A brief history of the Federal Reserve
Waking Times

The hidden reason the ‘Russia Collusion’ investigation ever got started
Collective Evolution

Missing 411 – Examining unexplained disappearances in the wilderness of North America
Collective Evolution

Shocking before and after photos reveal truth about the widespread crop failures the U.S. is facing in 2019

iPOT 6-21-19 Video… “The WeatherMen”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Health News:
New research: Young people are growing bone spur “horns” from smart phone use

Every decade for the past 100 year, American scientists have invented new ways to fuel the chronic sick care industry
Natural News

Cocktail of probiotics may prevent and reverse food allergies in children, study finds

What you need to know about the ’Science’ behind Gardasil
Waking Times

Indigenous traditional healers now working in Medical Clinics
Waking Times

The autism crime exposed

Biggest undercover dairy investigation unveils horrific abuse at ‘Disneyland’ of farms
Waking Times

Different News:

Jordan Sather Video 6-22-19… “Battle for disclosure: The ultimate QAnon brief (given April 10th, 2019” [At cosmic waves event, in Kona)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Very interesting!!!
What does Tesla’s time travel machine have to do with JFK Jr. Professor John Trump and the Potus?
Paula Liebe

Dozens of ‘“extinct” creatures found alive in “lost city” deep within rainforest

A giant floating machine is about to begin cleaning up the Great Pacific garbage patch
Openhearted Rebellion

Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Bob Lazar says UFO was an archaeological finding I Joe Rogan
JRE Clips

Other News:

Watching and waiting…
World Metamorphosis