We always complain
When we walk in the rain
But when I feel a lot of strain
While I walk down the lane
My thoughts I ‘tame
I make them pop inside drops of rain
There is so much to gain
When inner harmony I regain, again

At the moment we have tropical temperatures in the Netherlands. we could use a bit of rain!
Neon Revolt: Majestic 12, The Secret Space Program and the Wilson memo, deeper disclosures with #Neonrevolt. #QAnon  #Greatawakwning

Ceasefire: US, China trade talks “back on track” after Trump fold on Huawei

Fox News Video(s) 6-29-19… “Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un at the Korean demilitarized zone”
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Tulsi Gabbard says US must stop pretending Saudi Arabia is an ally
Gabbard drops truth bomb: ‘Stop pretending’ Saudi Arabia is our ally

Putin says Russia's aggressiveness is an illusion perpetrated by the West
Putin: Russia’s aggressiveness is ‘an illusion’ perpetrated by Western Leaders

Mainstream Media “outraged!” that US missiles are in “unknown” Libyan Rebel hands

Hypocrisy at the border: Trump vilified for Obama’s immigration policy

For Americans, war has always been a spectator sport

8 Scientific Reasons Free Play Is Vital For Your Kids
8 Scientific reasons free play is vital for your kids

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Sound Healing: Testing a 2,500 Year-Old Hypothesis
Sound healing: Testing a 2,500 year-old hypothesis

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New – “Strange sounds” coming from sky! – Unusual phenomena returns! [Video]

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