Project Veritas informs Congressional leaders about Google’s manipulating of Elections

One of the Most Controversial Government Documents Ever Declassified
One of the most controversial Government Documents ever declassified

BIS warns “slowdown is worsening and spreading” as Central Banks run out of ammo

Italy vs. The Banksters
The Corbett Report

2020 Democrats slam Trump’s North Korea visit

The Tulsi effect: Forcing war onto The Democratic Agenda

Edge of Wonder! BBS As You Wish Talk Radio ~ Sat, 6-29-19 8pm pst [Video]

I found these articles on the Dutch Site WantToKnow
NASA: For the first time in 200 years a Grand Solar Minimum
(We are on our way to a ‘Minimum Ice Age’)
NASA study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice shell greater than losses (Oct, 2015)
Essay: Solar cycle wave frequency linked to jet stream changes
The next Grand Solar Minimum, cosmic rays and earth changes (an introduction)

Ielandic glaciers are expanding for the first time in decades – Grand Solar Minimum
Winter is coming – Super Grand Solar Minimum

Headlines and Updates for June 30, 2019: The Storm cometh… Soon [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Dutch railway to compensate Holocaust survivors
Dutch Railway to compensate Holocaust survivors

Possible origins of the Bilderberg Group name and other things I’ve covered before [VIDEO]
Possible origins of the Bilderberg Group name and other things I’ve covered before [Video]

SerialBrain2, 6-25-19… “The shocking truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “Strait””
Kauilapele’s Blog

And We Know Video (s) 6-28-19… “SerialBrain2: The shocking truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait”” (parts 1 & 2)
Kauilapele’s Blog

dnajlion7 video 6-29-19… “Navy Intel: Deep State, RBG & 4th of July DC Event”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Major Israeli airstrike on Syria just as Russian-supplied S-300

Health News:
The Nottingham researchers said people taking anticholinergic drugs may be at a 49 per cent higher risk of developing dementia, and that the commonly prescribed pills could even account for as many as one in 10 cases of the brain-destroying disease (stock image)
Common drugs used to treat depression, epilepsy and incontinence ‘could increase the risk of DEMENTIA by almost half because they damage crucial brain cells’

Great news, is this the end of the old FDA…
nice photo

Trump’s FDA move unleashes Natural Cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s…

Quantum Healing – What, Why and How is it? And, How Can it Help You and Others?
Quantum Healing – What, why and how is it? And, how can it help you and others

Google and Wikipedia Team Together To Suppress Alternative Health Information
Google and Wikipedia team together to suppress alternative health

Different News:
Mysterious Bronze Age Rock Carvings In Turkey Could Be Ancient Calendar [VIDEO]
Mysterious Bronze Age rock carvings in Turkey could be Ancient Calendar [Video]

Tom Delonge promises the truth about UFOs will come out very soon
TomDeLonge: Everyone will know “unnerving’ reality about UFOs soon

World’s first AI universe simulator knows things it shouldn’t

Move over, DNA: ancient proteins are starting to reveal humanity’s history
Move over, DNA -Ancient proteins are starting to reveal humanity’s history

Crop Circle Flap Unfolding in France
Crop Circle flap unfolding in France

Amazing UFO in Oaxaca Causes Internet Stir [VIDEO]
Amazing UFO in Oaxaca causes Internet stir [Video]

Aliens and Extinction [VIDEO]
Aliens and extinction [Video]

Other News:

Solar Ecplipse July 2nd…
World Metamorphosis

GaiaPortal 6-25-19… “Rotational components balance the translational”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Manifesting from your Heart versus from Ego

Huge influx of Divine Feminine energies and frequencies

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 12.53.17 PM
Matt Kahn plus new video

The Federation of Light 30th June

Big, Bold Solar Eclipse + Venus in Cancer! June 30- July 6, 2019 Astrology Horoscope [VIDEO]
Big Bold Solar Eclipse + Venus in Cancer! June 30-July 6, 2019 Astrology Horoscope [Video]