‘Invisible hands’

Help me whenever they can
They help to fulfill my task
When I remember to ask
For every issue
A special tool
For sorrow and pain
For falling out of luck again
When I am in a conflict
Or when I feel sick
When I lost my self-esteem
I can always rely on my special team
I give them all my worries
They help me create new stories

Kryon channeling Hobart – The System part one (audio)
Kryon Channeling
The System part two (audio)
Kryon Channeling

Benjamin Fulford 7-1-19… “Pentagon takes over G20, will push for Middle East peace and world federation”
Kauilapele’s Blog
Another #Q #QAnon proof? “Trump takes 17 steps into North Korea”
Kauilapele’s Blog
SerialBrain2, 7-1-19… “Democratic Presidential debate: A rigged circus and a Fake News feast”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Flower of Life
Portal 2012

Unprecedented blow to lame duck Merkel, partners reject “half baked” Socialist for Top EU job

Headlines and Updates for July 1, 2019: Winding us up for the festivities [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

It will take federal government action to break up the monopolies of Google and Facebook
Natural News

Lunch beers, missing bosses & empty desks: Deutsche Bank’s NYC employees are giving up

Pedro Baños' How They Rule the World
UK Publisher stops printing ‘Rothschild Conspiracy’ book following allegations of anti-Semitism

Every google employee is part of a massive criminal conspiracy against humanity
Natural News

How much longer will the Secret Space Program be a secret? [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Apple threatens to ban social media app parlor from its platform if it refuses to censor “offensive” (conservative) content
Natural News

CNN admits 2020 Democrats’ “Voters, you’re all wrong” strategy is the dumbest ever

Did Mark Zuckerberg really create Facebook?
Collective Evolution

Climate Alarmists Caught Manipulating Temperature Data Yet Again
Climate alarmists caught manipulating temperature data yet again

For the first time in 17 years, ZERO whales will be harpooned in Iceland!
Collective Evolution

Hunter Biden started dating dead brother’s widow after harrowing crack binge

5G Technician reveals the damage he believes 5G will cause
Collective Evolution

Grooming tripled on Social Media – Pedophiles are hunting children as young as 5 on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

U.S. is #1 in sex trafficking – 60% American child sex slaves come out of foster care
51 pedophiles in Operation Broken Heart
Texas Police arrest 51 pedophiles in massive child sex sting operation

Health News:
7 Things your hand can tell you about your health [Video]
Natural News

Different News:

Ancient Mysteries & Science
MessageToEagle.com with AncientPages.com

Archaeologists uncover ancient palace of the Mittani Empire in Kurdistan Region
Archaeologists uncover ancient palace of the Mittani Empire in Kurdistan Region

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Cultivating empathy
Collective Evolution

Weaving your Universal tapestry piece
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Solar activity increasing – Symptoms & affects

Cosmic weather report…
World Metamorphosis

GaiaPortal 7-1 19… “Left-learning stars fade from view”
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Laura Eisenhower on the coming Celestial Happenings
Michael through Ronna: The memory seed atoms within your Soul
The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Faffaele, June  30, 2019