Have faith to take a road unseen

To take a path on which we haven’t been
Not knowing what it will mean
To create a new routine…

It will bring us relieve
And we may receive
Everything we need
Evidence based on the system of our belief

The Federation of Light 7th July
Blossom Goodchild

This is what I would say great news!
Breaking… via Zerohedge & SGTReport 7-6-19…”Jeffrey Epstein arrested…”
Kauilapele’s Blog
Trump predicted problems for Bill Clinton due to his connection with Epstein's orgy island
Trump predicted ‘problems’ for Bill Clinton due to Epstien’s ‘Orgy Island’
Hillary Clinton withdraws from cybersecurity event due to unforeseen circumstance
Hillary Clinton drops out of cybersecurity Event due to ‘Unforeseen cirumstance’

Pedos R Us: Canadian broadcasting Corporation implications and Pentagon Child porn exposed
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know
The secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech doesn’t want you to know
Earth Matters

Nikola Tesla documents released by the FBI
Nikola Tesla documents released by the FBI

AOC mocked after claiming Trump's 4th July event was poorly attended
AOC mocked for claiming Trump’s July 4th Parade was “Poorly attended”

17000 Plastic bags used to build a more durable road in Scotland

Nobody showed you the History of the US like this (animation)
Natural News

Health News:
Have you ever heard about the European Vaccine Action Plan (EVAP) 2015-2020
(2014) It means that Big Pharma runs our health business
It is a program where they want to achieve a 100% Worldwide vaccination rate:
Global Vaccine Market projected to surge to $58 Billion by 2025

Study suggests cannabis oil can help reduce or eliminate epileptic fits in children
Study suggests Cannabis oil can reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures in kids

Different News:
Proof the Earths Magnetic Field Reversed in the Past & Evidence its Happening Again, Latest [VIDEO]
Proof the Earths Magnetic field reversed in the past & evidence it’s happening again, latest [Video]

Ancient Aliens: Aliens on the Civil War battlefield (Season 9)  I History

The weirdest stars we’ve ever seen have astronomers utterly baffled

Free audio: Strange disappearances of Hunters

Other News:
“Sometimes they come from families” – Indigenous author shares more info about the star people
Collective Evolution

GaiaPortal 7-6-19… “Angelic contrasts are presented to the unawakened”
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flower of life spiritual
Spiritual meaning of the Flower of Life

6 Life-changing breathing techniques
Wake up World

The Oracle Report: Saturday, July 6 – Sunday, July 7, 2019
The Oracle Report: Saturday, July 6 – Sunday July 7, 2019

Schumann Resonance Spikes & How They Effect You [VIDEO]
Schumann Resonance spikes & how they effect you [Video]

Freedom Codes Activated
Freedom codes activated