This is the time we have been waiting for. Epstein being arrested is going to open up ‘a tin of worms’. It may be very hard to digest what will come to the surface. It may take some time, but finally I believe everything will be revealed.
At last we are seeing Justice for all the women (then children) who have been abused!

Bombshell: Alex Acosta reportedly claimed Jeffrey Epstein “belonged to Intelligence”

From lap of luxury to prison cell: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s new reality

#Q #QAnon 7-8-19… Q posts from today…#3353 –  3378”… “For [God and Country and] HUMANITY! Q+”
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For those who really want more on the recent #Q #QAnon #Ep-ein business, here’s a few items (7-9-19)
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Epstein claims immunity; Prosecutors say “extremely concerning” images seized

Jeffrey Epstein’s Wikipedia page stealth-edited to remove ties to Democrats

Bill Clinton lying about Epstein relationship: Report
Jeffrey Epstein's child sex fixer Ghislaine Maxwell pictured at Chelsea Clinton's wedding
Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex fixer was at Chelsea Clinton’t wedding
Billionaire Victoria's Secret founder tied to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
Victoria’s Secret founder had ties to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
Major Democrat donor Ed Buck accused of sex trafficking
Democrat donor Ed Buck now accused of human trafficking
Bill Clinton is not the only Democrat likely to be found in Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book of clients,” according to a D.C. columnist.
‘Democrat leadership covering’ for prominent Dems in Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ – columnist

Before SHTF, let’s revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book

Formal complaint filed with NY Police dept demanding Hillary Clinton’s arrest

Why is the MSM ignoring these huge Sex Trafficking

From Russia-Gate to Deep-State-Gate: “All hell may break loose”

Ann Widdecombe: This place is a serious betrayal of every country represented here
Brexit Party MEPs

European Union: Toward a European Superstate

Money Laundering Scandals Bring Court Charges and Record Job Cuts to Euro Banks
Money laundering scandals bring court charges and record job cuts to Euro banks

Headlines and Updates for July 8, 2019: Dark to light [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
Late edition for July 8, 2019 [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

“It’s going to be carnage” – Deutsche begins culling 18,000 employees

“The mood is pretty hopeless”: Scenes outside Deutsche Bank offices evokes Lehman Collapse
US customs bust JPMorgan ship after finding one billion dollars worth of cocaine on it
JPMorgan ship seized by US customs after $1.3 Billion worth of cocaine found on it

7 Things you’re not supposed to know about the ‘Justice System’
Waking Times

WSJ exposes conflicts of interest involving Amazon, Pentagon over $10B JEDI Contract

Trump’s approval rating hits highest point of Presidency, news poll reveals

Did we finish looking into those 1,700 Pentagon child porn cases?

Fractional reserve banking – How to create money out of thin air

FBI, ICE Turned DMV Photos Into Surveillance Behemoth
FBI ICE turned DMV photos into surveillance Behemoth

Golden eagle chicks found in Santa Monica Mountains for the first time in 30 years

Martin Armstrong blasts “More insanity from the Climate Croup” without supporting evidence

Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup
Galactic Connection’s Daily News Roundup

Mass exodus: 11 members of Tesla’s autopilot team have left in the past few months

Filer’s Files 28 – 2019 Examining UFO Materials
Filer’s Files 28 – 2019 examining UFO materials

The 5G Agenda: Will it make us all conscious activists?
Collective Evolution

Health News:
Lyme disease: The CDC’s greatest coverup & what they don’t want you to know
Waking Times

A list of children’s foods that are contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide
Collective Evolution

Safer and healthier alternatives to root canals and other common, yet harmful, tooth restoration techniques

Government’s own pro-vaccine Medical expert admits there is a vaccine link that is being covered up

Different News:
Dutch astronomer captures rare photographs of mysterious US Air Force X-37B space plane

The truth about zero point energy generators

Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Scientists plan to open Portal to a Parallel Universe

Are We Really the Smartest Kid on the Cosmic Block?
Are we really the smartest kid on the cosmic block?

Time Travelers & Stargates in Antarctica, Elizabeth April [VIDEO]
Time travelers & Stargates in Antarctica, Elizabeth April [Video]

Ancient Giant Footprints Found All Over The World?
Ancient giant footprints found all over the World?

Other News:

Mercury retrograde of summer 2019: Checking in with our Heart
Collective Evolution

higher self chart
Transformation: Utilizing the Eclipse and Sirian Gateways
Sandra Walter