I just want to write down my thoughts and feelings after being absent for a very long time. Here we are in April 2021. Who would have thought that our journey would take such a long time to take our lives into a new phase. The feelings in my life have gone up and down especially last year, continuing into this now moment. I have a feeling that many of our lives have felt like a rollercoaster ride with their emotions going everywhere. I can assure you, you are definitely not the only one. Some days seem to be ok and I feel calm and confident, but other days, I feel so much unrest inside of me. I just don’t know what to do. Some days, time flies, other days it feels like I am aware of every minute.

In the Netherlands, many are waiting for the call to receive the jab, believing that their life will return to normal. When you look at life from a different point of view it hurts to see how we are being fooled in such a big way, trusting our Government. At times it feels unbearable to look at the lockdowns, the stupid masks and the way we live in fear. We are divided more than ever and I just can’t believe that people don’t see through the lies. Deep inside of me I know to trust the Divine Plan, that doesn’t mean the at times I feel completely lost.

I want to let people know that we are all in this together and to reach out to each other. I know that ‘Live With Losha’ has opened a platform to share our life experiences. I have shared my life story on her platform.
I am not sure how I will continu with my own blog, and if it will be in a different form, but I did feel like writing down what is going on in my life in this moment.