Our hands are clean
Our faces unseen
In our existence
We keep our distance
We live in our bubble
Not allowed to cuddle

Who decides
How I abide
To live by their rules
Told by the governement and the news
I will not consent
To these life events

It is difficult to describe my feelings in the situation our world is in right now. I feel disbelief, sadness, anger, frustration when I see people walking with these masks on. I feel like I live in a nightmare while I want to wake people up, It is so hard to believe that we are trapped into a world that is so obsessed with fear. Fear for ’this deadly’ virus that will kill us all. I don’t say it doesn’t exist, personally I have been ill for weeks last year, but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. I even don’t know if I was infected by this ‘deadly virus’.
What I even find more terrifying is how governments and the media are in this together. How they control our lives for over a year now. How is it possible to fill in every bit of news around the clock about this ‘virus’. The whole world has stopped turning. There seems to be money in abundance because they keep on saying that everything will be alright while many lives have become ‘infected’ by this virus. People losing their jobs, children that have lost a year at school. Students that can’t go to college or to university. Many people are in distress about their lives and suffering from all kinds of psychological problems. I must admit it effects me too.
Then we are offered just one solution: ’The jab’!!! It will give back our freedom, it will set us free. A ‘vaccination’ that is not even fully tested and is still ‘experimental’ until the beginning of 2023!. It isn’t even een vaccin it is an experimental treatment, and people are buying into it as if it is a very special gift.
Churches are even thanking God for this very special gift.
I believe God gave us our bodies to look after. Not to stuff everything into it. It is as if we don’t need to take care of ourselves, as if we don’t have our own responsibility to look after ourselves, because whatever we do we are saved by the jab!!!
Even doctors seem to have lost their common sense. I believe with this ‘virus thing’ our brain has gone out of the door. Fear has taken over our lives. ’They’ (governments) have decided that we (adults) are not able to see our grandchildren, cuddling is the worst thing we can do. They tell our little children that you don’t want to kill your grandparents so you must keep out of their way. I still believe that the only one that can decide what I am allowed to do in my own home is me!!! Not one PM or doctor can tell me what I can or can not do in my own home. How is it possible that we have come this far that we can’t even trust our neighbours because they could spy on us. THIS is a world war and we don’t even see it!!! How far will we let this escalate? In Spain you can only go to the beach with a mask on and even swim with a mask on. I thought this was a very good joke, but unfortunately it is not!.

I live in the Netherlands and finally we have Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers etc who stood up to fight for our freedom. They are called the ‘Police for freedom’.
‘We also have a group of over a 1000 Doctors, Medical professionals who have formed a group to stand up for or rights. They are called Artsen Covid Collectief.