My feelings are adapting
While the old is collapsing
The world I used to know
Is receiving the final blow

For the people who know that much is happening on in our world and in the Universe, they are aware that our world as we have known it for eons is falling apart in front of our eyes. When we follow our media it is all doom and gloom, What they are not telling us is that they are loosing their grip on our lives. Our newsoultets only tells us to focus on the virus while it is a distraction. Our money system is as good as dysfunctional and there is a whole knew system (a Quantum Financial System) waiting for us to become active. (Watch the videos of DrCharlie Ward) We are going back to a gold standard currency where they can no longer manipulate or create ‘funny money’.
While we are in the midst of this transition going from a 3D world to a 5D world it sounds as if it is easy peasy to let go of our old life. But even if we experienced a difficult life with lots of ups and downs, it was a familiar life. Now we are clearing out old emotions, behaviors and though patterns. This sounds awesome but it is not as easy as we would have liked it to be. We have lost friends and family because we gained a total different outlook on our world. While people are waiting to return to ‘normal’ it will never be the same because the energies do no longer support the old system. All issues that are still looming inside of us (many which we thought we have dealt with in our life) are coming to the surface to be cleared out, diving deeper and deeper in our being. Don’t be afraid to look for support on this journey because (at least it is my experience) it can become really tough especially when you know you have to let go but there is a lot of resistance inside of you. The struggle you may experience inside your mind as well as in your physical body can feel as if you are torn apart.
At the moment it seems like we are living in two different worlds. Many people do not understand what is going on behind the scenes. One world is not better than the other, it is because we are experiencing our lives at a different phase. I believe that people that are fully participating in the old world, will have to go through their emotions etc at a later stage as it will be revealed what has been taking place in front of our eyes, while we have been blind for almost all of our lives.