My name is Lia. I am 61 years old. Born in Tanzania, living in Holland now for
over 50 years. I am married, a mother of three daughters. Our two dogs are
my companions in everyday life. I am a housewife, and in my own way I try
to contribute to a better world.
First I published my poems on I also published
(re-posted) Alternative News from other websites (like a newspaper), on
my website:

There is a strong force inside of me, a feeling to turn another page in my book
(My life) doing something more active. Expressing myself and questioning
many subjects influencing our World.
Life has been my inspiration, my University, and I am still learning every day.
Personally I went through very trying times (who hasn’t). Confronting
my own pain, (With a holistic approach) I left behind the “old” which I then
was able to replace with a different view on the situation.
Taking away my anxiety, I started to believe in myself, trusting my
own feelings.
It has been a long and often a lonely journey connecting with my feelings
again, coming Home in my own body, and in my own Heart.
It made me a better person, appreciating myself for who I am, instead of
“hating” myself, I learned to love myself, forgive myself and others.

With my new blog I would like to connect with others.
Referring to articles and sharing my own feelings we might be able
to start “a conversation”. Sharing views, inspirations and stories.
Our views may very well differ, but we can manage this with respect
and understanding. Everyone comes from a different background, and
has different convictions. Sometimes we need to review our own point
of views It is time to come together overcoming our problems.

I believe we are entering a time of chaos. Where a lot of lies are
coming to the surface. These can be our personal lies, but it can also
be misinformation that we have been receiving from our Politicians,
Media, Education, Big Pharma, Banks, Religion etc.
Together WE the People, The 99%, need to tell our leaders:
“Enough is Enough”

It is time to follow our Hearts and to listen to our Soul Song.
We owe it to our Earth, Children, Grandchildren, and to ourselves.
Time to raise our voices and to join hands to overcome our differences,
through that which unites us all: LOVE