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An Army of love

Many people hold a vision
Of an army with a mission
In life’s turning point
They will be joined

To be a love courier
A new type of warrior
Not to hurt or to kill
But to use new skills
Now they ‘fight’
For the light
With their swords

They cut through the cords
Of corrupt ties and lies
A new world will arise
Protecting us with their shields
Old wounds will be healed
To bring in a new situation
A higher love vibration

Contrails vs Chemtrails

Spraying in skies so blue
Telling us things untrue
It is how they allowed
Our skies to be filled with clouds
Is this how they arrange
A climate to change?

When “Contrails”
Leave behind long tails
Crisscrossing on a large-scale
The Contrail-tale fails
Our Health is not for sale

What  do we know about Chemtrails???

Contrails vs Chemtrails: Identifying the Differences
I found this explanation on the internet: Contrails vs Chemtrails, the two can easily get confused as one is similar to the other. Contrails themselves are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust instantly condenses into ice crystals, usually when they are way above 35,000 feet. Contrails are classified into two types, an Exhaust Contrail which is formed from the exhaust of the aircraft, and Aerodynamic Contrails which are formed by the temporary reduction of air pressure over the surface. Unlike normal contrails in the air, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and shaped X’s over towns, cities and rural areas. The hidden chemicals released in a chemtrail is the key difference between the two trails. These chemicals lead to the main cause of concern for protecting your health from these potential looming chemicals in the air.

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Sunrise, sunset

Each morning is a surprise
To watch the Sun rise
To see with my eyes
How Earth meets the sky

Red, orange or gold
Watch how a miracle unfolds
Earth feels blessed
Clean and refreshed

Sun sets at the end of the day
Saying goodnight in her own way
While she disappears in the sea
The moon shines for free

When the Sun sheds her light
The whole world becomes bright
Impressed by Sun’s magnitude
I truly live in gratitude


We give and pay
They take and play
Everything they fix
With digital tricks

They play a game of poker
While we are used as the Joker
We need to delete
A system that cheats

It is time we awoke
Before we go broke

Do we really need a Government?
In the Ronald Bernard YouTube film Part 2 (Interview Ronald Bernard ) he talks about our financial system. We already know that our money system is actually corrupt. Our Governments depend on this monetair system.
In my opinion the Multinationals have a lot of influence on our Governments. And I also believe it actually makes no difference for whom we vote (left or right).

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An old tree

Imagine to be
An old tree
A being, all-seeing:                                           
A dog peeing

Bees flying
People dying
Children playing
Elderly praying

Hearing  worries
And the sorry’s                       

Listening to lies
Being wise

Does not judge
Never holds a grudge
Much appreciated
Totally dedicated

Standing in her might
Day and night
Sharing her shadow
On a green meadow                                                                   

Living in freedom
A being of wisdom
In her own Kingdom
Isn’t that awesome!

Next time you see
A magnificent tree
When you stand below
Please look up and say hello


Vaccinating, fascinating …….. or devastating?

No time for hesitation

The need for vaccination
Immunization, in every Nation
Is our destination

We are ‘Selected’
Before we are ‘infected’
To be injected

Then we are protected!!!

For doubt there is no place
It is right in your face
They say it is the case

“They are safe, evidence-based”:((

What does Evidence based mean?
It means that it is supported by a large amount of scientific research. But who are these scientists, these experts?

Before I wanted to share this information I did a lot of searching on the internet myself. I looked for articles that were critical about vaccines, especially those given to little children.
The articles that promote vaccines want you to believe that they are well-tested.
We can only know what the consequences of giving children an enormous amount of vaccinations are, when we look back on this period in the future.
Even if our view on vaccines is positive, we need to look at the side effects that could be linked to vaccinations. Can they be the cause of other more chronic diseases?
It is difficult to find critical articles written by scientists on the internet. I was very pleased to find this article with SO MUCH information!

World renowned scientists have their lab shut down after troublesome vaccine discovery (Very good article, don’ forget to click on all the links!)
Collective Evolution

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Is seeing

Being the “exponent”
In every life moment
Don’t let it last
What happened in the past
Don’t run
For the future to come

Now I know
From head to toe

I let my Being show
Where in life I need to go

I saw this amazing documentary. I wanted to share it because it shows how these ‘odd couples’ just love to play and enjoy the moment.
I saw it on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?

Earth is rumbling (some more videos added on May 9, 2018)

Earth is rumbling
Our faith crumbling
Our feet stumbling

Earth quakes and shakes
Volcanos in different shapes
Be aware when they awake

When they “speak”
The surface squeaks
Magma leaks

Causing eruptions
Lava productions
Removing obstructions

A high price Earth pays
She lives and creates
A new foundations she lays

Hawaii is just the tip of the iceberg: Extraordinary events reported globally (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This is the latest post on Kauilepale’s Blog (After the one below). I want to add it because it has a beautiful message
Kauilapele’s Blog

I found this at Kauilapele’s Blog
The Kilauea eruption 5-6-18… “Some AMAZING videos of what’s been happening”!
Kauilapele’s Blog

We all fit in

What if…..

We find a new way to live:
Ok to have wrinkles
And dimples
No matter tall
Or being small
Big or thin
We all fit in
Nobody is a fool

Drinking water is cool
Showing compassion

Is the new fashion
Breast and behinds in every size
No more need to maximize
No Botox or fillers
Looking in our mirrors 
We see a unique version
Of a true person
Sing your own melody
To determine your destiny
We are a beautiful mixture
We make a perfect picture

What does a Minster of Health know about Health?

Is a Minister of Health really in charge of our wellbeing?
Is he/she well-informed/experienced in the field he works to safeguard the Health of the people of a whole country?
It is a very responsible and an important role he needs to perform.

Which education, qualifications and experiences does the Minister have for this specific position?
Does he have a ‘Official Job Interview’ to show the necessary Diploma’s for this job? What about his experiences in the Health care system?
Is he interested in the background of the Health system? Does he understand the importance of good nutrition in relation to a feeling of wellbeing?

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