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While time passes
It seems to go faster
It’s hard to grasp
That at last
We’re in ‘the masterclass’

While the old fades
We became brave
We’re slowly coming out of our ‘caves’

No longer willing to be slaves
We are finally ready to graduate!

Slowly but surely we are becoming aware who we are in this life. We are learning that we functioned in a system that we are outgrowing at last!!!


Why does time seem it’s speeding up?
Time is speeding up, really! I The UB Post
Time is speeding up – Evidenced by seconds… (YouTube)

And We Know Video 5-7-19… “SerialBrain2: The real James Comey and the truth about ISIS”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Human Trafficking is the next big hurdle [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

US firm Blackwater training Daesh terrorists in Iraq, eyeing Syria: Report

D is for dictatorship disguised as a democracy
Waking Times

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When I close my eyes I fantasize

And believe that I live in paradise…

Where the world is so much ‘lighter’
Where I seem to work as a writer
And  as a musician
As well as a politician
We invest  in the well-being
Of every human being
Together we live in liberty
We are free to use our creativity
Our skies are perfectly clean

Nature beautiful, serene
We swim with dolphins in a blue sea

Everyone is being treated as King and Queen

When I open my eyes, I still feel the sensation

Of my imagination…

CIA may have used contractor who inspired ‘Mission” Impossible’ to kill RFK, new book alleges

Benjamin Fulford 5-6-19…. “Bank of Japan to be nationalized as new era starts”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Censorship invoked to cover up crimes against humanity
Natural News

Exposed: All the Queen’s agents and corporations that control the World

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My grandchild

When I hold you in my arms
I want to protect you from any harm
Through our beings
Our Love is streaming

You are a creation so divine

While we share the same bloodline
And many generations
It strengthens our relation

Through you, families are connected

May your dear Soul be well-respected

Monday May 6th no posts!

List of Documents for declassification and public release…

“The Hammer” – Ultra-secret supercomputer  system used by CIA/NSA to ‘wiretap’ Trump
(Audio tapes from TheMilleniumReport) TheMilleniumReport

‘Worse than Watergate’: Barr opens probe of FBI’s spying of Trump campaign

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Many innocents

Are imprisoned
While the criminal  population
Continue with their occupation
They walk carefree
Being treated as V I Ps
Not only individuals
Are criminals
With a good reputation
But also Criminal Corporations defending our Nations

How CIA & Allies helped Jihadists in Syria: French covert ops expert exposes new details

Syria: Unprecedented investigation reveals US-led coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa ‘Death Trap’

Vietnam demands Monsanto pay Victims of Agent Orange for cancer & Birth defects
Collective Evolution

Westminster Child sex abuse probe hears how parties and Police covered up abuse

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

Free audio: Former US Sergeant on captured Aliens

New Bombshell Flint Documentary exposes Government crimes [Video]

Top-secret Government investigation ‘probed health effects of UFO encounters’

White Helmets admit staging fake chemical attacks in Syria
One America News Network

Bayer and the ownership of all life

These censored books tell a History the establishment wants hidden

Our battle of Britain (About the European Union) YouTube
Pat Condell

Deutsche Bank back to ‘square one’ as Commerzbank merger talks collapse

Maimed Yellow Vest protestors: Worse than getting shot

FBI sued for failure to report known 9/11 evidence to Congress
Collective Evolution

Why Social Democracy is failing Europe

American government loses big vaccine debate (Dutch subtitles)

Overwhelming evidence that the CIA is smuggling drugs for decades
A history of CIA drug trafficking: Who drug cartels and drug-dealing death squads have been the CIA”s best friends for many decades
The Mena connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA drug smuggling part 1/6
David Icke I CIA involved in child trafficking?

“I was the CIA Director – We lied, we cheated, we stole”

Etc, etc, etc…

EPA giving oil companies the OK to dump fracking chemicals into Gulf of Mexico
Natural News

UN calls for Julian Assange to be released

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News May 3, 2019

NASA Astronaut: “These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories around the world”
Collective Evolution

White Helmets admit staging fake chemical attacks in Syria
One American News Network

US Military reports massive spike in sexual assaults

Baltimore Mayor resigns as ‘Healthy Holly’ corruption scandal snowballs

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Husband and Wife (Mars versus Venus)

The bride and the groom

Handsome in their costume
On this very special day
Her father gives her away
She walks down the aisle
Guests see her beauty and smile
They promise to stay together
Sharing love even in stormy weather

But…He can act like a jerk
After a hard days work
She can’t understand why
He doesn’t console her when she cries
Both exhausted and the kids just whine
It is hard to see that their sun still shines
There are many differences to bridge
Some say it is the ‘seven years itch’

She: He doesn’t understand what I need’
He: ‘What is the matter, her mind I can’t read’
A big dose of humor is a good medicine

Even when she tells him she’s pregnant again!
‘Women come from Venus and men come from Mars’

It is why women love attention and men love their cars:)))))

Adele – Someone like you

My favorite 9/11 evidence: The curious case of the Pentagon taxi driver

Galactic Connection’s daily News Roundup

Monsanto not only problem facing Bayer: Investors question ethics in selling banned pesticides in Brazil
Health Impact News

The secret history of Lyme disease, which was originally developed by the military as a biological weapon for depopulation
Natural News

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Child labour

Child labour

Shouldn’t be in our favor
We may believe it’s of the past

But know untill now it still lasts
When little hands
Work for well-known brands
While we buy their clothes
And Iphones
Small children working long hours
While they can’t even afford a shower
Working for a small fee
Yes, even at Nestle
Next time you buy something new
Maybe your favorite sport shoe
Think twice: “Was this made by little hands’
I believe Child labour should be banned

Industries that rely on child labor
10 Companies that still use child labour (27 Feb 2019)
Top 28 companies that use labor still! (21-6-2017)
Nestle admits slavery in Thailand while fighting child labour lawsuit in Ivory Coast
Top 5 of the most shocking Nestle scandals

Child labour in the fashion supply chain

Bithi’s story: Child labour in the textile and apparel industries

Galactic Connections’ daily News Roundup

And We Know Video 4-30-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump and Q confirm the Notre Dame/Sri Lanka connection”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Edge of Wonder 4-29-19… “Corey Goode on Rod Rosenstein resignation, AG Reports, FISA, Aliens, & more
Kauilapele’s Blog

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These energies…

Sometimes my head is full of stuff
While I try to ignore a loud buzz
My brain is covered with a blanket of dust

It makes me feel weird and exhausted
At times I even feel haunted
At first I fought it

I also feel these pains and aches
As if my whole body shakes

First I thought it was my age

It took me a very long time
To know: ‘These energies I can’t undermine’
I need to integrate them to become mine

Through the years I learned to let it be
Now I ‘welcome’ these incoming energies
It is when I reconnect my Heart with my memory

At the moment there are new energies reaching our Earth and we are being upgraded big time!
Kp Message 4-20-19… “Pardon me, but ‘the energies’ are ‘off the charts’ and I’m feeling ‘zonked off my you-know-what”‘
Kauilapele’s Blog

Benjamin Fulford 4-29-19… “Attempts to start Muslim/Christian warfare backfire on Zionists
Kauilapele’s Blog

Tipping point: The Gilets Jaunes are winning, What’s next?

Google tracks your location and shares it with police, even when your phone is off

Bayer and Monsanto are facing the music but, Bayer intends to re-write history

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Killing skills

We have learned many skills
Some even have a license to kill
They have been employed
It is why other lives can be destroyed

But who has the right
Which Authority can decide
To take someones life

I believe it is still a crime

Veterans prepared to die for their country
Returning home they feel numbly
In fact they are a ‘Prisoner of War’
Because their Heart still feels so sore

Since 2001 we have spent $32 Million per hour on war
Waking Times
A State Department Veteran: Iraqi wrecked me for nothing

What are war crimes?
Activist Post

$220.000 For every man, woman and child – America is now 72 Trillion dollars in debt
Activist Post

“Without disinformation, NATO would crumble…”

JPMorgan: We are fast approaching the point where banks run out of liquidity

SGTReport 4-28-19… “Top 3 signs that Justice is coming”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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We are the boss

We are not the victims anymore

We are the ones that we are waiting for
We are the boss in our lives

It depends on us if we want to thrive
No longer tolerate indoctrination
We are in charge of our transformation
Thoughts can surpass every suppression
Transform our anger and depression

On our ‘commands’ our cells change

It brings our lives to a ‘higher stage
It is important to connect with nature
Also exercise is a game-changer
Change bad food and drinking habits

Because our lives we can edit
We are in control of our behaviors
We are our own life saviors

Channeling April 28th, 2019
Blossom Goodchild

One dead in Passover Synagogue shooting; Off-duty border patrol agent shot back at 19-year-old suspect

Yellow vests reject Macron’s ‘rubbish’ olive branch – Take to the streets for 24th consecutive week

Two images from the latest SB2 (and AWK video) that indicate the “White Hats” are now in control
Kauilapele’s Blog

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