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A genius

Society wants us to be a Genius
Life has to be seamless
Showing no weakness
Forgetting our uniqueness

We need to be the brightest
Our intelligence of the highest
While we grow up
Being normal is not enough

But it is fair to admit
Dealing with life can feel like sh*t
It is how every boy and girl
Learns to be ‘The Genius’ in their own World


Free Press? NY Times admits it sends stories to US Government for approval before publication

Europe gives up on sound money, prepares to join the currency war

Kazakhstan leader to end bank bailouts & write off debts of the poor

The Infiltration of the Truth Movement [VIDEO]
The infiltration of the Truth Movement [Video]

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Science coming from an ‘Academy’
Doesn’t acknowledge the ‘History’
Of Homeopathy
Some say it is just fantasy
A conspiracy
It can’t work adequately

But there is an ‘ideology’
Concerning our anatomy and biology
With just a small quantity
Homeopathy stimulates the body’s activity
And restores its energy
It can be sufficiently
To give back our body’s autonomy

What does Homeopathy mean? –

Just One Drop: New Documentary Uncovering the Story of Homeopathy
Just one drop: New documentary uncovering the story of homeopathy

Just like Big Tech’s war against online free speech, BipPharma is trying to “de-platform” homeopathy and other natural remedies from retailers
Natural News

The following articles are not necessarily about homeopathy! But remember: ‘The use of herbs and plants (alternative remedies) can make a big difference in healing ourselves physically, mentally or psychologically:

Amazing 1930’2 Pharmacist Map of ‘Herbal Cures’ released to public

Why Natural Medicine is NOT “Alternative”

The Benefits of Flower Essences for Emotional Healing and Personal Growth
The benefits of flower essences for emotional healing and personal growth

10 Medicinal herbs that might live in your backyard

The herbal healing documentary: REMEDY

How to craft a natural home medicine kit


Mueller subpoenaed will testify before two house committees in July

MSM silent after Google Election meddling bombshell; Video scrubbed from YouTube
Google executives must be brought to justice for running a massive criminal enterprise
Natural News

U.S. Government has debris/material from UFOs says high-ranking government official
Collective Evolution

More details emerge from NXIVM ’sex cult’ implication Hollywood & the international financial elite
Collective Evolution
NXIVM and Satanic Pedogate gone mainstream implicating Hillary Clinton & State Department [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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It all starts with inspiration…

New locations


‘Good morning America’ slams Biden for dodging nepotism questions over Ukraine, China dealings

Biden doubles down after reminding everyone Democrats had slaves

I know which country the U.S. will invade next”

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Changing gears

It appears I no longer feel fear
Lost it over the years
Now I am in charge, switching gears
Sitting behind my steering wheel

Now I manage
To no longer panic
To became my own mechanic
Learning how to use my ‘magic’

Wulf – Switching gears (Official video)


Declassified U.S. Government Documents claim The West supported the creation of ISIS
Collective Evolution

Dear Central Bankers: Prepare to be swept away in the next wave of populism

Feds Investigating suspected money laundering violations at Deutsche Bank

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Earth is tired of all the battles

And the schackles
Earth rattles
Earth Matters

I had a computer problem, now solved. This is actually the post from last Friday, 14 June, 2019!

Jn Stewart lashes out at Hearing on 9/11 responders Bill: “You should be ashamed of yourselves

John McAfee has threatened to release files that expose corruption in Washington D.C. if the federal government continue harrassing him.
Cybersecurity guru John McFee has threatened to ‘bury’ dozens of corrupt Washington D.C. politicians of the federal government continue to harass him, vowing to leak a huge cache of files proving corruption throughout D.C.

Secrecy & lies: How the Chernobyl story sheds light on the dangers of America’s warfare state

Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology [VIDEO]
Deep State Technology is decades ahead of commercial technology [Video]

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The finish line

Humanity is right on time

We’re approaching the finish line
Long ago we started a ‘marathon’
We won, we’re nearly done

We went  fast, we went slow
We didn’t know where to go
We stumbled and fell
We lived in ‘hell’

And we cried

But… we survived
We are winning
A new beginning..

We went round and round in circles
While Earth kept a journal
It became our History
At last we will witness our Victory

Please, please, read and listen to the links in these articles!!! There is soooo much important information about our History!

Videos from the latest SerialBrain2 (SB2) article that are “Very key” to understanding what is going on now… (6-11-19)
Kauilapele’s Blog

SerialBrain2, 6-10-19… “Trump’s historic State visit to the UK: Winning, winning, winning”
Kauilapele’s Blog

The Event, Briefing, Operation Freedom Earth Continues [VIDEO]
The Event, briefing, operation Freedom Earth Continues [Video]

Carry me home (Official Music Video) – Michael Schulte


The FBI tragedy: Elites above the law

4 Tons of C-4 U.S. manufactured found in Der’ah and stored by ISIS!!! SAA grinds Nusra in both Hama and Idlib
Syrian Perspective

Media paints Jihadist Commander who pledged allegiance to ISIS as soccer star with the voice of an angel

EU blinks already: In the face of a no-deal Brexit, the EU finds a unicorn

The lessons of Chernobyl: It’s the West that now needs Glasnost

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When you feel like a rockstar

No matter how old you are
When you feel like a ‘rock star”
Rock around the clock all tonight
Until early day light

When your life is full of fun

It will keep you young
Your Being  filled with bliss
Is the best way to exist

Fun: We are young fr. Janelle Monae (Official Video)


Tulsi Gabbard pushes no war agenda… And the Media is out to kill her chances

Inside Argentina’s killing machine: U.S. Intelligence documents record gruesome Human Rights crimes of 1976-1983

North Korean leader’s assassinated half-brother was a CIA informant: WSJ

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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the biggest liar of them all
Like in Snow White’s fairy tale
The plan of the ‘stepmother’ did fail

The mirror showed her, her obsession

Because she lacked introspection
It showed her, her imperfection
Self deception, it is called projection

With ‘her’ (or the Stepmother) I refer to individuals, groups organizations who have been misleading people,  a whole nation, even the whole world…
Being obsessed, controlling our lives from the beginning untill the end, always pointing fingers at others.
Think about Governments, Money System, Media, Religions, Big Pharma, Food, War Industry etc, etc…
We can call this the “Deep State” or the ‘Shadow Government’. It seems at last The Truth is coming out, it is going to be a very ugly truth! (See the Benjamin Fulford article).

Some more news from Benjamin Fulford with many revelations…. (2nd part on Thursday)

Benjamin Fulford 6-10-19 … “Anglo alliance cemented by Trump UK visit will lead to reversal of post 9/11 fascist trend”
Kauilapele’s Blog

The Long Arm of the Bilderberg Group. Created by the CIA and MI6
The long arm of the BIlderberg group. Created by the CIA and M16

FBI Files: American Military
FBI Files: American Military
James Forrestal: New Files from the FBI
James Forrestral: New files from the FBI

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Planet Earth (and ‘Climate Change’)

It is clear

For our climate we fear
Is there still hope
For our precious Globe?

It seems to be our priority
To live in a ‘disposable society
We use Planet Earth as our domain
Throwing chemicals down the drain

When we walk down the streets
We see rubbish under our feet
And while we’re on pills and drugs

Earth becomes resistant against bugs

We’re killing our butterflies
While spraying pesticides
In our groundwater it sinks
Poisoning foods and drinks

Children learn about Planet Earth
In their digital world

Not connecting to Mother Nature
Because the computer is their creator

What do we know about flowers and trees
About the birds and the bees
While we’re to busy with our ‘needs’
We let Earth’s Heart bleed…

Yes, we ARE responsible for our Planet AND for ourselves. However I don’t believe the ‘Climate change theory’. How much do we really care for our Planet? We protest against Climate Change because we are worried for our our planet and our future.
But how responsible are we while we treat Earth badly showing little to no respect in our every-day life?
What is our own contribution to live in a better and safer environment?
How conscious are we about our own behavior and what is going on around us in the way we treat our Planet? Are we well-informed?
And what about geoengineering, 5G,. pesticides, GMO….
What is their influence on our Earth and Climate?

U.N. Predicts disaster if Global Warming not checked (June 30, 1989!!!)

Weather Modification= Mass Culling (GMO, Geoengineering, geoengineeringwatch)
Natural News

Five types of real chemtrails – Just the facts

11 of 11 Coastal Antarctic Stations show zero warming over past decades

Interview 1446 – James Corbett on the post-carbon energy eugenics hoax
The Corbett Report

97% of Scientists don’t agree on the cause of climate change, but they do on some things
Collective Evolution

3G, 4G, 5G Health effects
Natural News

Smart Meters – Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death
Widespread contamination of antibiotics found in rivers around the world

THE OCCHIONERO CONSPIRACY: The Pope, the Clintons, Obama and an Italian President & Prime Minister Attempted a Coup Against Trump
The Occhionero Conspiracy: The Pope, The Clintons, Obama and an Italian President & Prime Minister attempted a Coup against Trump

Russian TV to reveal CIA role in Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

How the U.S. Navy sold the Vietnam War

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‘Europe’s Heart’
To fall apart

Europe is in disarray
May can’t stay
Merkel needs to get out-of-the-way
Salvini and le Pen come out to play
While Macron’s party is in ‘decay’

The Party of Farage
Causes a ‘EU barrage’
(Time for)
Honesty instead of ‘EU sabotage’

Transparency no more ‘camouflage’
Pour ‘Tout l’entourage’

The EU;  The World is on fire
It’s our desire
To no longer listen to liars

The center isn’t holding in Europe


Mueller caught in another deception; Key ‘Russia link’ exposed as informant for US, Ukraine

Julian Assange writes a letter to supporters from British Prison, here is what he said
Waking Times

ISIS planned to send Western Operatives across Mexican border to attach US

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