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Dare to seek
Dare to speak
Dare to be unique

Dare to believe
Dare to receive
Dare to achieve

Dare to succeed
Dare to proceed
Dare to lead

Dare to give
Dare to forgive
Dare to LIVE


Escobar: The Great Bilderberg Secret 2019

French Weapons sales to Saudi jumped 50% last year

More Police Raids as War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide
More police raids as war on journalism escalates worldwide
Waking Times

Mexico freezes Human Traffickers’ Bank Accounts, sends National Guard to border amid ‘Very good discussion’

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Only post for June 6, 2019

Wow, it also seems that The Netherlands is in deep trouble!
Full Article Benjamin Fulford 6-3-19… “Currency reset buzz as Indonesia shuts all banks, pawn shops for 9 days while Malaysia calls for international gold backed currency”
Kauilapele’s Blog

News June 5, 2019


Steele cuts deal; Will discuss Trump sex dossier with DOJ Inspector General

Farage meets Trump after Bojo snub, says he “Believes in Brexit”

Dr Dave Janda 6-4-19… “President Trump & AG Barr are melting the Deep State’s Coup”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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Turn on your light switch

To become intuitive
While you no longer conceal
The feelings that are real

New Seedings
Beyond intellect
And being ‘correct’
Lies a different world
Surpassing the meaning of words

Create a new position
Beyond suspicion

Make it your mission
To follow your intuition


(Personally I don’t care if it’s ‘left or right’. I believe Europe needs a good ‘shake-up’)
Salvini: “new Europe is born” amid nationalist-populist surge in European elections

A new CNN poll shows the vast majority of Americans are demanding the Obama Justice Department's 2016 actions be investigated.
CNN Poll: Huge majority wants investigation into Obama’s DOJ

Watch Tulsi Gabbard’s brilliant speech at the California Democratic Convention (I believe she is an honest politician, difficult to find these days)
Collective Evolution

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It is crucial
To stay neutral
Very useful
When life seems to be brutal

We deal with our emotional tide
Our lives on a rollercoaster ride
One moment our Heart jumps
Next feeling ‘down in the dumps’
Our thoughts flying around

Our feet trying to feel solid ground

We need quite a lot of talent
To find our balance
Seeking neutrality
Instead of division and duality

Danny Vera – Roller Coaster


Benjamin Fulford 6-3-19… “Currency reset buzz as Indonesia shuts all banks, pawn shops for 8 days while Malaysia calls for international gold-backed currency”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Major Israeli airstrikes kill up to 10 pro-Assad forces in pre-dawn raid

New Snowden leaked memos show NSA aided Israel’s “Targeted assassinations”

Grenfell, Windrush & Skripal: Theresa May’s tainted legacy

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Expanding our consciousness

Eons ago we lost our Hearts
Hidden behind bars
We forgot who we are

Will we find it when the old departs
And a new World starts
Was our History written in the Stars

Is it a coincidence
That we take no more nonsense
We are gaining our confidence
Expanding consciousness

It will have consequences
When we’re no more willing to stay anonymous

The Next Big Bang – Human Consciousness and the Universe’s Ultimate Secret
The next Big Bang – Human consciousness and the Universe’s ultimate secret


Clubs, Cartels, and Bilderberg
Bilderberg back in Switzerland for 2019 [Video]
Bilderbergers On The Run From The Real Truth Media [VIDEO]
Bilderbergers on the run from The Real Truth Media [Video]
LIVE at Bilderberg 2019 Bilderboat To Castle [VIDEO]
Live at Bilderberg 2019 Bilderboat to Castle [Video]

In “Jaw-dropping” Speech Malaysian PM says “No evidence” Russia shot down MH17

Costner & Lauder, more big names w/Obama, Clinton UBS Banking scandal, Whistleblower Birkenfield

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In the land of pretend

It has become a trend:
Our time we spend
On the internet in the land

Of pretend 
Where our lives expand

Where our identities we lend
And where our egos we mend
It depends on the likes being sent
In reality we want to hold a hand
Of someone who is present

DOJ Watchdog: High-level FBI Official had unauthorized Media contacts, leaked, accepted gift… Deep State declines to prosecute
Breibart News

Salvini faces a political minefield after EU elections

11 Killed in shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Center, suspect confirmed dead

Malaysia wants evidence to show Russia shot down MH17
Free Malaysia Today

97% of Scientists don’t agree on the cause of climate change, but they do on some things
Collective Evolution

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News in the West

We read it in the press
News in the West is the best
Journalists well-educated
And sophisticated
Information exclusive
And explosive
Articles double-checked
Perfect and correct
Their sources
Never distorted…

They tell us in the press
News of the East is less, suppressed
Even harmful
It isn’t impartial
Their news is faked
And dictated
But…  the news of the West
I can no longer ‘digest’
It isn’t what they promise
Their news is dishonest

It gets on my nerves

Our news doesn’t serve

”Cultural Schizophrenia”: US Media no longer reports facts, but appeals to emotions

How the West’s War in Libya spurred terrorism in 14 countries

Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison

Macron’s Security Service threatens French journalists with prison fines

New Uk standard? Prosecute Politicians for telling lies!

Bilderberg 2019: Who’s going and what will they be discussing? -Full Spectrum Analysis – Jason Bermas With Truthstream Media [VIDEO]
Bilderberg 2019: Who’s going and what will they be discussing? Full spectrum analysis – Jason Bermas with Turthstream Media [Video]
Bilderberg 2019 Jared Kushner and many other surprises!

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News May 30, 2019


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-27-19… “As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West Coast oligarchs sue for peace”
Kauilapele’s Blog

(PLEASE see/read!)
One man’s quest to expose a fake BBC Video about Syria

The Western Media is key to Syria deception

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Human Rights organizations

We trust Organizations that fight

For our Human Rights
But when we search their sources
Look in their reports 
And financial forces
We may feel remorse

They play with our emotions
Immigrants crossing seas and oceans
All these lives are the spindle
Being the center of ’swindle’
With the intent to confuse
We are all being used

Organizations are using/misusing the good intentions and the trust from the people on ‘both sides’. It is how they create chaos and division

George Soros & The ‘business’ of illegal immigration

Begging for help: NM Gov changing her tune on immigration “crisis”

Censorship is the Last Tool of Tyrants
Censorship is the last tool of tyrants
Waking Times

Army’s Google Earth on steroids’ can look inside buildings

Eliminating free speech the smart way

Image: Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent
Wikipedia co-founder exposes the lies and disinfo: “Wikipedia is broken”
Natural News

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